Acts of Random Kindness: Passing them forward

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07 Dec 2012, 6:26 pm

One of our members here, RainingRoses, responded to me last year, or maybe earlier, when I was caught off guard with nothing to eat in the house, no gas in the car to go to a church or food bank, and no friends or relatives who could bring over something edible (in fact, my mother shrieked at me that I did not deserve to eat).

I'd either be stuck going door to door begging for canned food, or use my biology background to gnaw on native roots, bark, cattails, and insects. Yummmmm.

RR immediately sent me $200 cash no questions asked, from the kindness of his heart. We never even knew each other from here, yet.

Then last year I got to chatting online with a young man who'd gone to Florida from his home in Colorado to take what sounded like a great apprenticeship opportunity for work training. As things go, the apprenticeship program fell through, and there he was stuck sleeping on someone's couch with no way to make an income or to return home.

I immediately sent him $400 cash, no questions asked, only asking him to use all of it to return home and set up a place to live. The only thing I asked from him is that my kindness having come from someone being just as kind to me in the past, that when he had stabilized his finances, he was to "pay the kindness forward" to someone else he never knew who was in deep trouble.

He promised he would.... and I believe he will do it.