"Makeup" vs. "Natural Look" Which Do You Prefer On Women?

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05 Dec 2015, 3:28 am

nurseangela wrote:
Yes, but someone mentioned why would women get fake nails and fake boobs, fake hair weaves etc. and those type of women (Victoria Secret models) probably have all of those things and men go "ga ga" over them. That is the reason women get all the fake stuff and add all the makeup because its women like those that the rest if us are in competition with for men's attention. So its hard for me to think that men are telling the truth when they say they like the "natural look". I just don't believe it.

dunno. i always have assumed that those women get fake stuff to make them feel better about themselves.

perhaps some men prefer the natural look on some women whereas they'd like to see makeup on others. i don't care much for either. i have not seen anyone on this thread state they prefer one but chase the other.

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05 Dec 2015, 5:23 am

I prefer whatever the woman feels comfortable wearing because it is her choice.

But personally, I wear 0% makeup most of the time. When people say they prefer the 'natural look', they typically mean the 'no makeup' makeup look which is really confusing and frustrating.

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