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20 Aug 2018, 6:45 pm

Well, this subforum includes "to kings" so I might as well talk about my username. My username is based off of Pak Hyeokgeose, founder of the Kingdom of Silla and founder of the Pak (also alternatively spelled Bak, in hangul: 박) family. His title was "Geoseogan", an old title used in the Kingdom of Silla to mean "supreme king."
Now, I am probably not related to him. There are a lot of Paks in Korea.

There's one pronunciation video I found, but it was incorrect. Here's a link to a youtube video starting at a timestamp right before the name is pronounced:
I'm not really good at writing the pronunciations, since the letters can be a little tricky to really capture how it actually sounds. On a side note, I myself am still learning Korean so I can't fully understand all words said in the video, but can understand some.

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