My life resembles 'napoleon dynamite' too much

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19 Jun 2022, 8:55 am

I've done most of the things the male characters in the movie have done.

I met and married an American black woman online exactly like Kip. I have the eighties nostalgia and now I'm eating steak like the ex-american football player did.
I'm doing kickboxing and trying to learn to dance like Napoleon did.
I'll have to re-watch it to see if there's anything else.
When I got married I honestly thought someone was spying on me to get inspiration for the film. I didn't start wearing 'gangsta' clothes though like Kip.i think that was a mis-step by the script writers...they assume black=ghetto culture when it doesn't most of the time.
I moved away from my family to be with my wife exactly like Kip.
So now I have to run in an election .

They got tricked into making a self-electrifying machine due to an online scam....hmm not sure about that.

I think Napoleon's aunt or whatever shouted at him to make a 'dang quesadilla' I do have people come to the house for a dinner and they make that sometimes :D