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14 Apr 2022, 4:52 am

Describe the very best time you ever had ( keep it clean!! ! )

mine: exploring new forest trails and rocky beach shorelines. I found an absolutely amazing, still mysterious to me rock which led to me learning about the Sudbury Ontario Impact event 1.8 billion years ago. ... oes-magma/
we had a whole rock collecting forum participating in discussion as we learned about this! So much info sharing and learning!

A comet ( scientists discovered that it was a comet, not an asteroid after this article was written ) hit the earth and melted right down to the earth's core... left behind the greatest amount of nickel, platinum, gold and other minerals!
Changed geology completely for such a vast area, may have brought on an ice age. Still a fascinating subject.
Learning is recreation for me.

Now its your turn!


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14 Apr 2022, 5:19 am

Unsure what I would classify as 'most'.
Too many candidates all over the years. :o
So I'll just tell my most recent, which was just this Monday. :lol:

Ironically I was also pissed at the same time. It was a damnably hormonal moment -- I was stacking heavy boxes AND get to throw stuff around carelessly.

It's a very weird mix of destructive meltdown and creative joy. Laughing violently as I expell the excess in my system through a bizzare workout via manual labor, while relieving one of the earlier memories about unfulfilled special interests over boxes.

Having to mindfully know what to and not to throw, where and where not to put a stack.
And then still carelessly throw stuff to a point it makes a lot of noise and mess.

This was during work. And it's very expected to therefore I got away with it.
Far from mentally stimulating or internally fulfilling in a cerebral sense, and more of a catharsis both emotionally and physically.

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14 Apr 2022, 5:45 am

^ Earth's history is fascinating.

I actually enjoy such a boring thing as grocery shopping at local supermarkets with my mum and sisters. Looking at fruits, fish, seafood, confectionaries, bread, ice cream, sweets, freshly cooked ready-to-eat food etc can never bore me. As I don't live with my mum and sisters, I can only do this when I visit them. Grocery shopping is a special "boring" thing to do.


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14 Apr 2022, 8:06 am

Pretty much any time I've got enough money to get in a go-kart although autocross is pretty fun too.

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14 Apr 2022, 9:19 am

Approaching Christmas a decade ago in a prison. Charitable upper echelons on the wing were feeling generous with free weed. I was high as a kite and the guards didn't care. Kitchen staff upped their game and were serving some of the best food I ever had in my life (still can't find better lasagna to this day) and my commissary was at a high with the cell rammed full of junk food.

My cell mate had no filter on him and was the "rough" type to say the least with tattoos all over and built like a bull dog. He was also equally inebriated. It was an evening or two or just pigging out, telling appalling jokes that would get me immediately banned here and just not having a care in the world. I was trying to make a trebuchet out of matchsticks and glue by the end and we tried to pull the bed railing off for some reason.


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16 Apr 2022, 7:34 am

Going for walks or hikes. I like exploring when I do it, finding things, looking for things. The more secluded, the better. The more mountains, the better (they come with rivers and/or riverbeds). The more trees, the better. It's fun, and more often than not nowadays, therapy. The simple things.

Teaching a lesson to some overconfident SERT bois about 22 years ago that laughed at my rubber band gripped 1911A1 and simple getup during a combat orientated "competition". Things about underestimations, assumptions, and how not everyone is who they seem; humbleness.


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16 Apr 2022, 10:17 am

Probably several times when I was a child that involved ball pits or water.

As an adult...not sure. I find sitting comfortably chatting to someone close about life fun.

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16 Apr 2022, 10:27 am

Camping alone in a tent in my parents' garden, with all my plushies. We had a swimming pool which was illuminated by floating lotus flower candles and coloured flood lights. I could hear crickets and a breeze rippling the water. I can still remember the smell of the tent, the sleeping bag, and the night air.

That's the place I go to when I'm told to recall a safe, comforting place.

I also have fond memories of rollerskating at the roller rink every Sunday. I had my own skates with handmade pom-poms and I loved the coloured lights. This would have been around 1980.

In terms of exuberant fun I loved my first Van Halen concert with DLR. It was in LA and I think it was 1982.

I love anything to do with water, like Joe: Waterslides, waterparks, boating, fishing, swimming, diving, tubing.

Knott's Berry Farm and California Adventure Park are fun because I love rolleycoasters.

I also did extreme mountain biking in Whistler BC.

It's hard to pick a favourite, but likely the tent. ^