Amusement/theme parks in topical discussions

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04 Apr 2023, 9:54 am

It's been a few years since I've gone to one. I've never been to any of the Disney ones... I'd like to go one day, but that'd be expensive since it'd mean a trip abroad. But maybe I could go to France one day, would be a shorter flight than to US.

I've been to three different amusement parks and two theme parks in my life. Out of those, the amusement parks are still in action, but I'm not sure about the other theme park, the one with a pirate theme. The other one has Moomin theme (a Finnish children's book/cartoon character.) When I was small, my family went to the Moomin one every summer since it was relatively close. Back then one could also get to the pirate theme park with the same ticket, it was on an island nearby, but a few years ago when I went to the Moomin park, I found out that the other one now requires it's own ticket.

I recognize the idea of amusement parks being sensory hells, but somehow, I usually managed well when visiting those. Maybe because it was such a rare treat that I actually enjoyed?

I've never gone to any of the wilder rides due to health reasons, and my doctor has heavily discouraged me from going to any where my head would go upside down, but I have my favorites. And said favorites involve water. I do wonder how I'd handle them now though since I now wear glasses pretty much all the time; back when I last went, I only wore them to class to see the board better, so it wasn't a problem, but now? There might be an issue there.

RetroGamer87 wrote:
Open question. Which do you like better, amusement parks or theme parks?

Depends on the theme. I mean, the theme parks I've been to versus the amusement parks I've been to? Amusement parks take the cake easily. But if I ever get to go to that Harry Potter theme park (is it a theme park? Sure sounds like one to me from what a friend of mine has told me) near London, the situation might be very different. There also used to be a theme park for the One Piece -anime in Tokyo that I wanted to go to, but it closed in 2020 or 2021.

Snowy Owl
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05 Apr 2023, 11:24 pm

To add to my quote from earlier...

mharrington85 wrote:
One reason I brought up this topic of amusement and theme parks is because one of my little hobbies is armchair Imagineering, where you come up with ideas for how you would improve Disney and other parks if you could.

I've done it for years, but few, if anyone, ever responds to them, and most of the time, it's just a "like" reaction anyway. Most of the time, it's just me posting back-to-back, which is allowed, but really no fun. It's like talking to yourself.

I've been wanting to branch out and try to find other places to do armchair ideas, but the places to do it have been shrinking away to almost nothing. Discussion forums appear to be on the way out. I've tried to post on Reddit and Facebook, both of which do have spaces for this kind of thing, but the problem is that there's not a lot of demand for this sort of thing. Reddit does have a spot to put these things, but no one has ever been there in years. As for Facebook, I've tried to find dedicated spaces for this, and while one does exist, it's kind of a private page, which requires a membership. I've tried to access it, but it's been about a year now, and it's still pending! There are only five members!

There are also blogs out there, like Imagineerland, but like all blogs, only one person posts things and any responses they get are in the comments below. I actually have a blog of my own, but none of them ever seem to see me. I'm lucky to get some views, but I get no feedback whatsoever on my ideas. It only seems like I'm posting to myself, which seems no better than just keeping these ideas to myself, where I know I won't get feedback. I just feel like I'm getting burned out just limiting my ideas to just a single forum.

In desperation, I was advised by my therapist to maybe try this place, which is one reason I signed up with this forum. But I found there is no dedicated space to parks, the same way there are for games, movies, TV, art, music, science, technology, religion, politics, etc.

So I tried posting about it on the only place that did not have a specific topic: "Random Discussion", which as the description said could be about anything at all not covered in other areas of the forum. But the responses I got were mostly complaints about heat, noise, and crowds, any/all of which are overwhelming to someone who is autistic. Admittedly, I'm no fan of anything of the sort, but that just goes with the territory at a Disney park.

But if so many people hate parks, then this is really not the best place for me to post my ideas, I don't think.

I had thought of putting my ideas for improving the Disney parks in this website:

At first blush, it seems like a good place to put ideas for Disney parks (as per the website title), but it just seems too, for a lack of better words, wild (in fact, it actually encourages such, as per the title page). What's more, it's not limited to Disney parks either, despite the name, but includes other such properties as Universal, Sea World, Six Flags, etc. All the ideas seen there appear to be quite outlandish and unrealistic.

I would like to post ideas where there is a little bit of control, and it seems like this is the wrong place to do it. Moreover, I don't see how you can get feedback or critiques on ideas, except maybe in the comments section below.

But all of that is just me. What are your thoughts?