Painting: To UV glass/acrylic, or not to ? anti-glare ?

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22 Mar 2023, 1:16 pm

Hmm. :?

Commissioned a painting as a gift. Was painted over a foam backed print that was broken out of a frame and came with said frame. The wet paint warped the substrate, so at the very least it needs some kind of a stiff board or backing to hold the painting flat in the frame.

Was thinking of getting UV protective acrylic custom cut for it so it never fades from sunlight. Custom frame shops say they don't typically do glass/acrylic over paintings, only prints, because of the risk of mold. The second one I talked to said since it's a recent painting it's likely still wet and drying so there's moisture coming off it and the acrylic off-gases forever so if they put it over a painting they use some sort of spacers to keep the acrylic from touching the painting as it's when they touch that moisture can build at that spot and discolour or mold etc.

So it's possible that doing something to protect a painting could actually end up damaging it - which would be no bueno. The painting is mostly blues/black/white and some yellow with a tiny spot of red - not like the painting my youngest nephew did with a red background that has faded out to pink hanging on the wall where sun comes in.

Hmmm.. to get UV acrylic or anti-glare UV acrylic or not ? hmmm. (The latter is hella expensive, but, if it's ideal then I'd pay for it.)

The painting will end up hanging on the wall of my brother & sister-inlaw's 19th floor condo building where the sun passes over and sets in the evening - I don't recall how much direct sunlight that wall gets or doesn't, but I don't think it gets full direct midday sun or anything like that.

Anyone here have much experience with any of this sort of thing ? I'm feeling a bit indecisive and not sure whether I'll get any sort of acrylic over it or not. Pros & cons, and apparently uber rare to put any kind of glass over an actual painting.

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