Post something that made you feel an emotion that wasn't....

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15 Nov 2023, 6:44 am

As we have a thread for happy, sad and weird, I thought I'd start a thread so you could post something that made you feel an emotion that wasn't happy, sad or weird (is weird an emotion or is it a collective name for a few emotions ? I dunno).

I'll start.

Operation strike back commenced today and tbh I have no idea what emotion I'm feeling.

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15 Nov 2023, 7:02 am

Recidivist wrote:
Operation strike back commenced today

I don't know what that means but it sounds positive and proactive so best of luck with it.

What is it called when something pops your bubble of self-imposed isolation and you remember about other people and how many of them there are and that they all have their own agendas that have nothing to do with you except that its happening all around you and you can't actually avoid it for ever? Because that's what I'm feeling.

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15 Nov 2023, 7:14 am

Sometimes when my friends are going through difficult times and I want to help but I can't, and I'm worried for them but I also believe in them and trust them to be successful, and I get a bit scared but also feel a sense of forward momentum because I know they're moving through it, and I want to hug them until it's over but also give them space, I kind of short-circuit and I'm not sure what the heck to call the emotion.

It makes it hard for me to breathe, like breathlessness, but also makes me breathe more because my heart is pounding from adrenaline.

Times like that, all I can do is send mental support across the universe.


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