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19 Jun 2024, 7:44 pm

If you had Asperger's and you understood the nature of reality in current times existence and you had a choice ,? would you choose to exist in it ?... 8O

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20 Jun 2024, 7:56 am

Actually a roughly translated dialogue;

Them: "When will you have a boyfriend?"
Me: "What the heck should I do with a boyfriend?"
Them: "What do you think should you do with a boyfriend?"

Me: "Why would you even want me to have a boyfriend?"
Them: "Are you gay?"
Me: "Why assume I'm even gay or straight or swing in any way at all?"

Them: "What, you wanna be a nun or something?"
Me: "You thought someone like me would be a nun???"
Them: "Do you not believe in God?"
Me: "Why assume I'm a theist or atheist at all?"

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