The doctors don't figure out what's wrong with my leg/knee

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29 Feb 2008, 3:46 pm

I'm sick of seeing doctors because they can't seem to figure out why my left knee hurts and doesn't work right. They say nothing's wrong with it, but 'nothing' doesn't hurt, does it.

So, eh, I don't know what to do any more. Input all welcome.

What happened:
I had an accident back in 2005 and twisted my left leg for a day so that I couldn't flex it at all until something in it slid back in place. The second it slid back, flexing worked again. I didn't went to a doctor, because I didn't manage to tell my mother that I probably should see one right away. My knee would hurt, it would just unstable when I tried to climb stairs or crouch down. A whole year later, I picked up training (ballet, dancing) and these problems with my knee got better. It still hurt, it wasn't as moveable as my right knee.
In November 2007 I crashed on my right knee and had to shift my weight mainly onto my left knee for two weeks. Since then, the pain in my left knee has become immense. Now also the rest of my leg hurts when I walk too much. I can't do any training.

I went to doctors, got an MRT and nothing came out of it. They all say nothing is wrong with my knee. One doctor now said it must be the hip, but to put it right again didn't help. They say I couldn't possibly have an accident like the one I had. I'm not sensitive either as one said, I fail to notice most types of pain, I even missed that I had a concussion twice.

At this rate I can forget signing up for a dancing school next year though, because I do feel the pain in training and also, I can't use my leg as I need to. It will just slid away or be too slow.
See yet another doctor about it or not, what should I do? I'm truley at a loss.

How can it hurt when it's not damaged somehow? Someone tell me whether that's possible or not please.


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29 Feb 2008, 4:50 pm

Maybe there is nothing wrong mechanically with the knee.
Maybe the pain is coming from something wrong with the nerves there? False pain triggerings?
Just my random thoughts on it. I hope you feel better soon.


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29 Feb 2008, 4:57 pm

it may be that u r thinkin about it making the pain mentally realistic...try to totally blank nethin to do with ur leg

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29 Feb 2008, 7:07 pm

Have you tried an acupuncturist? Often, they can relieve pain that is unexplainable by traditional doctors. And a Chiropractor might be something to look into.

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