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27 Feb 2019, 7:36 pm

Sometimes, they do.

I feel like this is absolutely foolish.

I like women who are "for real."


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27 Feb 2019, 8:08 pm

League_Girl wrote:
In our American Culture, women are considered weak and men are considered strong so therefore it's unacceptable for men to cry and show their emotions. Male rape is not taken seriously and it's taken as a joke in TV shows and movies, there is no support for men of domestic abuse. Men are seen as being horny creatures and male victims of sexual abuse isn't taken as seriously.

There is lot of misandry and misogyny in our culture and it's very pervasive and normalized. But misandry is more socially acceptable than misogyny. It's okay to generalize men and bad talk about them but it's not okay to do that about women. I say misogyny is pervasive and normalized because reason why why have support for female domestic abuse victims and while we take female rape more seriously and why we shun male pedophiles and not female pedophiles is because it's implying that women are weak and it's acceptable for us to be cute and show our emotions because we are considered weak so hence the double standard with sex. Female pedophilia is totally okay by lot of peoples standards because we are so weak and the male victims must have taken advantage of us because we are so weak if a woman sexually abuses a male minor. :roll:

We have come a long ways for women because we have more rights now as women but there is still a conception that we are fragile and weak because of the double standards make that so obvious.

Been there, done that...

It's either patronizing or malevolent at the very worst of times to be stereotyped as being a potential pervert by American society when your a man. It's everywhere in entertainment and in education/workplaces where there is a non-significant number of sexual misconduct allegations, false or not. So some men have become afraid and now have to be more cautious.

America must be the worst place for that kind of BS, LOL


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15 Mar 2019, 6:09 am

Gender issues from where I live are different...

But yes, the stereotypes exists here.
The patterns quite similar whenever it is brought out on topics about physical strengths and emotionality -- then religious stuff if that's relevant.
The usual women don't do physical stuff, the usual women are emotional/sensitive because well..!, the usual women should stay at home just because...
More the usual women are this and that because biology, neurology and biochemistry.

The rest is... Too blurry to ever conclude, too subtle to have it drawn explicitly, or I don't have the right terms for it unless I post something really long for it for me to explain. There are dichotomies too.

Stereotypes between genders just doesn't scream louder here. Or at least not a bigger issue.
Stereotypes of different kind -- between races, social and economic statuses, or heck even skin colors, on the other hand ARE louder, more influential and more of a problem here.

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17 Mar 2019, 3:10 am

narrow that down to where i live now,
women are often the boss in the house, women of my age wear their hair short, (but that's everywhere)(if not you get misgendered by shopwomen, ain't that ridiculous)
men are allowed to be slightly alcoholic, less so for women
()women don't work the firewood, but quite some do,
()women don't drive tractors but some do, some men get a fit from it but most don't
women talk alot, men do too
short (french) men are vicious to long-er women, not all ,some get obsessed at that,
but then some get obsessed with everything, the notorious old stalker, everyone shakes their head and declares dirty old man, yeah now you can outrun, or walk, them but how was it before he was old ?

i don't really know w-world, i spend most time in the other,
its easier to see what men want, what do women want?
social judgement and power? some years ago a woman approached me to demand? that (workers) men around me wear their dentures, how am i supposed to do that or police them?
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08 Apr 2019, 2:29 pm

Why are women seen as weak when we bleed for several days each month without dying? Or have the ability to carry a human life inside us for nine months until it's about the size and weight of a watermelon, and then push it through an opening that's the size of a dime?

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08 Apr 2019, 9:20 pm

lostonearth35 wrote:
Why are women seen as weak when we bleed for several days each month without dying? Or have the ability to carry a human life inside us for nine months until it's about the size and weight of a watermelon, and then push it through an opening that's the size of a dime?

Well what's your definition of strength? Biological realities don't exactly indicate physical strength or even strength of character. I don't think women are inherently weak in all sense of the word (but in terms of physical strength they generally are compared to men) but it's not like women get a say in whether or not they get periods, so how does having periods mean that they're strong?