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15 Apr 2019, 4:56 pm

I'm on a quest to lose 100 pounds. I've lost six pounds out of 100 making my goal less than 100 pounds away. If any of you have lost a significant amount of weight, did you keep your old clothes? My clothes are a 2x or 3x in women's or a unisex/men's XL. I plan on wearing my 3x clothes as tunics or mini dresses and wearing a cute waist belt with them and my 2x clothes will just flat out fit better. Buying new clothes would be a pain anyway. There is no way I'll will be a size 10 or have a bikini body. My body stores weight in my waist, upper arms and chest. So while a pear shape would probably need new tops and stay the same in jeans, an apple shape like myself is the opposite. One summer I lost 25 pounds and stayed the same in shirts but my jeans were baggy.

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