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08 Nov 2019, 2:07 pm

do women use hints more and double meanings more than guys do?

This is something I have noticed online at places such as at Reddit. men are always painted as assholes because they are less emotional and more logical and problem solvers and they also don't seem to read between the lines well and not pick up on hints. It also seems like women play head games more than guys do by dropping hints and expecting men to read them and also saying one thing and meaning the other and getting upset when the man takes their word.

Could this be why we tend to get along with guys better than with women and this also makes sense why Simon Baron would say we have a male brain than a female brain. Professionals keep saying to use more communication in relationships and to not expect your partner to read your mind. This is a mistake many women make with guys in relationships. But yet whenever I seem to suggest in the AITA sub to use open communication, I get downvoted as if communication is frowned upon. That sub does favor women more and they are gender bias too.

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09 Nov 2019, 3:40 am

I dont know what AITA is?

In general I prefer the male style of communication as it tends to be more straightforward with less hidden meanings.

Not as a hard and fast rule though, I've found some chaps to be more female in their communication style, though these tend to be the very socially astute types.

The hidden meanings fry my brain, if it wasnt for work I would choose to have limited interaction with women for this reason. Or perhaps if it wasnt for the fact I have to deal with this for work I would be more open to interacting with other women.
They see hidden meaning in my communication where there is none.
Filtering what I say for potential hidden meaning miscommunication and filtering what they say based on who they are and past experiences with them for their hidden meaning is a nuts way to live.
I've enough difficulty saying what I mean in a non jumbled way.

If I dont pick up on the hidden meaning it becomes obvious to other women that I belong in an out group, it's one of the reasons that I haven't managed to pick up more regular work. Many missed opportunities due to not getting the hint and many avoidable harmful situations walked into due to the same reason.

It's one of the things I like about autistic women, it tends to be a more straightforward communication and less game playing with words.

Does the indirect communication happen because women are more aware of the implications of straight talking, as in, a sentiment can be later denied if careful words were used to express it?


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09 Nov 2019, 4:19 am

I don't know, I've had those problems with guys too. But it could still be more common with women even though both genders do it.


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10 Nov 2019, 9:49 pm

I not like speaking with males cause scare me
Other women ignore me because I so shy