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24 Jul 2007, 9:50 am

Women between the ages of 30-45 can experience hormone imbalances and fluctuations well before their menopause (about 10 years or so), but the norm usually about 2 or so years before it's due. You are usually at your most hormonally settled between the ages of 23-30, and even then, fluctuations occur naturally. Diet can help but not remedy the problem. Us women tend to crave sugary/junk foods for comfort when we feel hormonally unsettled and so what do we reach for? A big bar of chocolate, crisps, or perhaps even a large pizza (I know I do). Instead ,what we should be reaching for are natural fats and sugars, such as fish (natural fish oils - omega 3 fatty acids) or fruit and vegetables (full of natural single unit fast acting sugars and carbohydrates - slow release natural sugars). These are the best things for a hormonally upset lady, but our problem is we, naturally, want a quick solution. Chocolate and junk food provide this, but with what is in these things, we are doing ourselves no favours. We are only sorting ourselves out in the short term and causing, possibly, more trouble for ourselves in the long-term.

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