When figure out it's turning into a Special Interest...

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18 Sep 2021, 2:28 pm

I innocently bought a couple months ago a bottle of lavender essential oil to put in my baths.....

Well umm now I'm finding myself researching different oils and their used, I bought a diffuser, I'm using them to calm down when I'm anxious, etc, and making cleaning solutions out of them...

I just realized it's turned into a special interest!! !

It's like they slowly creep up on you then BAM your hooked!! !

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18 Sep 2021, 2:37 pm

I'm like this with my special interests. I get a little curious and look up a few things about something, and then eventually it grows into me spending hours researching dumb stuff about it and wanting to talk about it all the time. It's so bad. lol

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20 Sep 2021, 5:58 am

that's fun! I have had an interest in essential oils and loved certain scents all my life... I have many candles, soaps, and other scented things, and use diffusers, sprays, and hot/simmering pots. There are so many scented things to explore and enjoy. I never thought of this as a special interest, it is one of many lifelong intense interests, yeah, OK, I just never recognized it as that before! Have fun!


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20 Sep 2021, 6:09 am

Heck of a lot better than some other “special interests.”


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21 Sep 2021, 1:39 am

I'm a cleaner and my main job is sanitizing office furniture and a kids' gym. When I started (just after our first lockdown ended), I noticed that the sanitizer I used smelled kind of salty - not very clean or fresh smelling.

So I went to a shop called Dusk. It sells scents - candles, diffusers, oils, etc. I bought lemon grass essential oil. They didn't have just lemon. Anyway, a few drops of this in my spray bottle of sanitizer and it is much better than sanitizer by itself! I've even had comments about the nice smell in the offices after I've worked in there.

A pretty cool interest to have. :)


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21 Sep 2021, 1:54 am

I only have a limited number at any one time. Some are long standing - the most enduring being my work. I am fortunate to be actually paid for spending 40 hours or so each week engrossed in something that fascinates me so much.

As regards other interests that have come and gone - for me they usually start with a repetitive thought process, often when I between consciousness and sleep, I then ruminate on it more until I am compelled to act on it. Some interests ebb away to be replaced by others only to return years later. Some never come back. I sometmes go for long periods where I only have my main 'work' one.

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