Did your parents ever talk to you about sex?

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Emu Egg
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01 Oct 2022, 5:51 pm

I learned about sex.
I did have it
But it’s great but you have to make sue the person your with is going to be the one stay wit or you regret i


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02 Oct 2022, 11:56 am


Back in the 60s and 70s you were just expected to figure it out. That was true for many things back then.

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14 Oct 2022, 3:50 pm

I can’t recall ever having any discussion about it. I expect if I had had any sort of romantic relationship, my parents might have had a discussion with me, but probably deemed it unnecessary because I have exactly zero interest in any sort of intimate activity. Even the thought of open-mouthed kissing is still repulsive to me. I don’t even remember how or when I first learned about it, I guess it didn’t seem any more noteworthy to me than any other bit of knowledge :lol:

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14 Oct 2022, 4:00 pm

Not really. My Dad would blush and say "Ask your Mother" and my Mum would blush and say "Ask your Father" and so I got nowhere when I asked. I was told to borrow a book from the library, but I did not know what to ask about whatbook so I didn't get a book.
I remember when I was about 15 and my Dad said "Never let me hear of you playing with girls" so I broke all friendships with girls in school and kept away from them as I did not know what my Dad meant.