Do you ever watch autistic YouTube channels?

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Do you ever watch autistic YouTube channels?
Yes, and I have a few favorite ones 36%  36%  [ 29 ]
Yes, but I don't have any favorite ones 30%  30%  [ 24 ]
No 30%  30%  [ 24 ]
None of the above 5%  5%  [ 4 ]
Total votes : 81


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16 Jun 2024, 4:09 am

I have only recently been diagnosed and I do watch You Tube videos on Autism as a way of educating myself about autism. It's a subject I know very little about as I've only just started researching it a few months ago. The Youtube channels I find helpful are "That Autistic Guy" and "Aspergers From The Inside". TED talks also have a few helpful videos on the subject. Always be careful with Youtube as you can't believe everything on the internet! LOL!

The Youtube videos were helpful in the beginning but after a while, they all seem to sound the same. The information doesn't really change that much. It's worth a look though!


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18 Jun 2024, 11:40 pm

I still watch autistic YouTube channels. I find them very informative.

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