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27 Jul 2009, 6:42 pm

So I was diagnosed with aspergers when I was about fifteen. I have not seen a psychiatrist since I was probably sixteen, so that was twelve years ago. At least in my opinion, I have probably had some type of anxiety for a long time. As of late however, it is really starting to bother me and the people around me. I think that it could affect the relationship with my wife. I have a very tedious job, and although it has never actually bothered me until recently, it gets me extremely frustrated whenever something doesn't go correctly. This same problem occurs at home and with other people. I really don't like being miserable all day because of one bad incident.

So I did a little googling, I found some opinions on aspergers and anxiety, nothing that I would consider accurate. I am looking to see if anyone else has these problems, and if you have undergone any treatment?

I am also considering seeing a psychiatrist again. I have health insurance, but have never used it for mental health. I live in Upstate NY and am interested in how the rates work.


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28 Jul 2009, 2:34 am

I take an anti-anxiety med. It works for me and I like the result, and after I got to a stable state I don't have to see the pdoc about it but twice a year.

Sorry I can't help about the rates. You'll probably have to call your insurance company.


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28 Jul 2009, 3:54 am

I've been looking into the exact cause of my anxiety which is a bit like yours sometimes... because autism is a developmental disorder i think it is just being under developed in some areas that is causing some of the anxiety. I've got no doubt even neurologically typical people had anxiety symptoms at some stage or another growing up related to most of the things people with autism still get a little afraid of.

For example it absolutely blew my mind when someone lied to me for the first time in my life because then i knew that people could lie to me at anytime they chose and i would be none the wiser! And still i have a little problem trusting people on some level today which does not involve lying or any other non genuine state of mind. >:/

I used to also get frustrated all the time with perfection and non perfection.. but then life isn't perfect so why am i trying to make it that way. Everything is how is it. The only thing in our minds that wants us to make something perfect/better is our dissatifaction with it in the first place, but if i am satisfied with it the way it is then i'll stop trying to make it better and change it and have an opinion on it etc. Everything is how it is... Also meditation is good for people with autism.

I've been on anti anxieties for a few years and now that i'm off them i can "feel" myself a little bit more... i'm not sure how to explain that.. but its not such a glazed over world... and i'm tackling whats causing the anxiety at the root instead of going "well i can't fix that, lets um put a bandaid over it... that'll calm it down"... Some religions don't like medicine that changes your world to make it better for you while you still having the shifty anxiety-causing mindset in the first place... and on some level i agree with them, but if its so bad that you're doing alot of shaking instead of getting on with life then a little medication isnt so bad...but not so much you forget why your anxious.


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28 Jul 2009, 6:48 am

I have the same problem sometimes. Whenever a little incident happens, or I think I've doens omething wrong, etc., I can't stop thinking about it and obsess over the issue all day.

I don't see a psychiatrist, and when I did, the consensus was basically that they couldn't help me, since psychiatrists here basically are for prescribign drugs and in my case that wouldn't be recommended. I do see a psychologist, and since I reside in a psych institution I can go up to the nurses to talk sometimes. However, I still end up repeating myself many times, obsessing over thigns that worry me, etc.

I have no clue about insurance since I don't live where you are. You might call your insurance comp before seeing a psychiatrist to figure out whether it'll be covered, before yu end up with a large bill you can't pay.