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05 Oct 2013, 3:43 pm

-Obsessive interests
-Difficulty about talking about anything else but me or what interest me
-Anxiety and depression (often weather related)
-Clumsy and accident prone
-Preference to being alone
-Difficulty in understanding some slang and recognizing leg-pulling
-Sometimes looking at people in a way they dislike
-Poor casual communication with workmates (mostly grunts of yes and no)
-Rather poor social manners (E.G saying yeah or ta instead of thanks, picking nose in public)
-Odd gestures such as curling my hands against my chest or sniffing my hands
-Need of some sort of daily routine, can get very annoyed when this is upset
-Need to listen to music or nature sounds to relax properly
-Often more active and happy at night than day
-Dislike of too much noise or light (but not hypersensitive)
-Dislike of close contact with people including handshaking
-Sometimes trouble controlling my emotions (E.G angry outburst when frustrated or crying over certain tunes)


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06 Oct 2013, 3:42 am

Diagnosed Aspergers August 26, 2013 Age 56

Stay on the computer all night to 6AM This is getting worse so it is pretty much every night

So yeah Poor sleep habits

Obsessive Interests that taking away from things I need to do

Horrible Illegible writing

Poor spelling

Mistyping letters and typing slow. Getting worse

My things/closet are mess.

Poor to horrible at finding employment

Stomach issues. Colitis in the early 90's probably IBS since.

Slow to make decisions

Stay to long in bad situations be it jobs or whatever

Eye contact issues when tired or stress. Used to be much worse.

Negativity /Pessimism better then I used to be

No Romantic/sex relationships ever although I did have women best friends during college years.
(Went into some detail about this in Love/Dating section yesterday)

Very few friends

Long term planning bad and just a hard concept for me to grasp.
I don't if or how much of this is related to Autism or growing up during the Cold War. It was common for people to say live for today because tomorrow might be nuclear Armageddon. Living in the NY area during 9/11 reinforced this.

Short term planning good. Plan out the next day often

Very Very minimal sound issues dog barking phone ringing.

Do not to be touched especially suddenly on the shoulder/neck area

Like literal not subtlety but much better with this

Resistant to change. Somewhat better with this

Reading faces body language Not sure. Don't know how much social awkwardness is caused by introversion or this.

Monotone Flat voice

Stone Face

Dulled emotions. Strong increase in emotions since diagnosis
The last 3 not sure if they are caused by neurological difference or coping mechanisms

Those were depressing time for good things
Love children and they feel the same way in return Women have told my relatives that he is great uncle

Used to regularly hang out at a small local pub. There guys would say I am a tremendous guy, loyal, honest. They could confide in me, I did not judge them or gossip and spill their secrets. My suggestions made such obvious sense why did they not think of that

Professionally Identified and joined WP August 26, 2013
DSM 5: Autism Spectrum Disorder, DSM IV: Aspergers Moderate Severity

“My autism is not a superpower. It also isn’t some kind of god-forsaken, endless fountain of suffering inflicted on my family. It’s just part of who I am as a person”. - Sara Luterman

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06 Oct 2013, 3:55 am

Hmm, my symptoms are very subjective because they can either be derived from something besides my ASD. Well, I'll give it a try anyways.

-Comfort from solitude.
-Daydreaming often. To a point where it may cause utter distraction.
-Fascination with numbers. Especially those that are relevant to me. Like the number 208 which is how much I weigh in pounds.
-Reluctance to accept mental help.
-Feeling discomfort from petty things that may not cause discomfort to other people and vice versa.
-Hatred of loud noises, trends, and the bandwagon.
-Actions and attitudes are based on how I was treated in the past.
-Saving money.
-Very materialistic.
-Very dependent.
-Very low self esteem. To a point where I feel reluctant to meet my health needs and accept myself.
-No friends.
-Highly fearful of rejection from people, partner, etc.
-Saying embarrassing things and talking about embarrassing topics that may not be acceptable.
-I don't follow anyone. No idols.

Those are my symptoms for now. I am 22 so I think that may have cleared most of it.


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06 Oct 2013, 4:42 am

* When I was younger, I had a speech delay
* Difficulty thinking before speaking
* Worrying about friendships (e.g. How long will they last)
* Sometimes a bit insensitive, although I don't intend to be
* Unsettled by arguments.
* Sometimes I make social 'mistakes'.
* I get bored of things pretty easily.
* I worry about being a minute later than usual, when I wake up, go to school, etc.
* Irrational fear of certain noisy toys, musical greetings cards etc.
* Difficulty communicating emotions and inner feelings
* Poor fine motor skills
* Echolalia, but I can control this.
* Sometimes inappropriately outspoken
* I have no 'idol' or 'role model'
* Too curious; I ask loads of questions about things that are none of my business.
* Stimming; hand flapping, running around. I control myself in public places, though.
* I struggle to understand complicated instructions
* I easily get anxious about the unknown
* I tend to see the world as 'black and white'.
* I don't like asking for help.
* I consider myself clueless when it comes to romantic relationships
* I exaggerate; I make 'mountains out of molehills.'
* Not very independent; I can't tie my shoelaces or wash my hair properly
* Perfect pitch
* Maths is a strong point of mine
* Lack of 'common sense'
* Occasional perfectionism
* I love computers
* I'm always thinking about things that are irrelevant to my surroundings
* Impulsive; I act before I think
* Poor memory

I'm sailing across Spectrum Sea, in my little boat.
The waters of the port were choppy. After I set off, there was a long, massive storm.
Years later, however, the sea calmed. I'm still on tranquil sea, but I'll never reach the Neurotypical Beach.


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06 Oct 2013, 2:27 pm

1. Cannot read social cues
2. Inappropriate tones of voice and/or word choice
3. Inappropriate emotions, e.g. laughing or smiling at the wrong time
4. Poor eye contact
5. Obsessed with the weather, especially cold and snow
6. High levels of anxiety, especially in the winter
7. Takes time too literally, e.g. feast @ 5 means 5 not 4:59 or 5:01
8. Need for strict schedule
9. Strong emotions
10. Resistant to change
11. Acts before thinking
12. Sensitivities to noise and smell
13. Desire to be alone
14. Perfect pitch

Mildly autistic WrongPlanet Member, teenage boy, and screen time lover extraordinaire. PM me if you want!


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06 Oct 2013, 3:43 pm

Note- I have to rely on what my mother tells me as well to complete this because I'm not very self-aware :lol:
(those in bold are those I know I experience, those in italics are those I was told I show by my mother or other people)

Consistent symptoms-
- Trouble with understanding and expressing non-verbal cues, such as body language and facial expression.
- Difficulty with pragmatic language such as saying inappropriate or unrelated things during conversations; saying things in a way that others do not understand; incorrect usage and interpretation of words or phrases and terminology; and trouble describing and explaining things properly to people.
- Difficulty with prosody such as expressing an approperiate tone of voice.
- Takes non-literal things literally. (but not always)
- Sometimes I respond slowly to questions because I need extra time to remember something that i already know, or have to figure out how to put my thoughts into words.
- Skips or repeats lines and words while reading.
- Reversals of letters (b, d, p, q) and mixes up words (there, their). (this is actually a symptom of dyslexia)
- Poor reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, written expression, sentence structuring, and handwriting. (but the reading comprehension is not always bad. Depends on what I am reading)
- Has difficulty comprehending rapid instructions.
- Trouble processing and understanding what is heard at times.
- Impaired ability to multitask, or keep track of multiple things.
- Difficulty with sequences and following directions with multiple steps.
- Slow at learning certain things.
- Occasionally switches words and syllables while talking.
- Below average reading and writing speed.
- Bad short term memory and forgetfulness.
- Inaccurate sensory integration perceptions such as, dulled and oversensitive senses; poor depth perception; light sensitive vision; occasional difficulty focusing vision; poor auditory processing, especially with processing multiple sounds at once; impaired judgment of strength; poor motor skills, hand-eye coordination and clumsiness.
- Poor problem solving skills, poor judgement, and a lack of common sense.
- Slow reflexes, delayed reactions.
- Alexithymia (Deficiency in understanding, processing, or describing emotions).
- Poor sense of time.
- Indifference towards social norms.
- Does not understand how other people perceive me.
- Trouble locating objects. I frequently will overlook things.
- Trouble making decisions, especially while being rushed.
- Fear of germs.
- Odd beliefs.
- Failure to pay attention to details and make careless mistakes. 8that is an ADD/ADHD thing mostly)
- Impulsiveness.
- Executive dysfunction.
- Inconsistency in ideas; ie, i will state something and then contridict myself without realizing it.
- Difficulty sustaining attention to tasks or leisure activities.
- Trouble following through on instructions and failure finishing things.
- Difficulty organizing tasks and activities.
- Trouble engaging in tasks that require sustained mental effort.
- Loses things necessary for tasks or activities. (not anymore, but used to as a kid)
- Intolerance to boredom. (I thought that was just a human thing :lol: )
- Mild tremors.
- Gets distracted easily.
- Fidgeting and difficulty sitting still.

Inconsistent symptoms
- Unusual perceptual distortions such as déjà vu, dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, and occasional mild hallucinations, (I just know what déjà vus are, I don't know what the other stuff you listed is :lol: )
- Dulled emotions.
- Zones out; sometimes does not hear when people say something to me.
- Suspiciousness of others motives.
- Obsessive, often intrusive thoughts.
- Compulsive and reckless behavior.
- Tics which seem to mostly go away when medicated.
- Irresponsibility.
- Stress and anxiety when too much is going on or is overwhelmed.
- Apathy and lack of motivation.
- Eccentric behavior.
- Loses train of thought during conversations and activities.
- Thought insertion. (what is that? :lol: )
- Lack of detail in speech.
- Unusual sleep patterns; decreased or increased sleep. (more so increased)
- Decreased or increased energy.
- Loss of enjoyment of activities normally enjoyed.
- Episodes of "narcissistic depression" ie, feeling depressed because the world doesn't deserve my greatness.
- Rudeness and insensitivity towards peoples feelings.
- Anger management problems.
- Impatientness.
- Violent thoughts.
- Random mood swings lasting seconds to weeks. (not really to weeks, but at most 2 or 3 days)
- Delusions of grandeur with unrealistic plans. (uhm, what? :lol: )
- Irritability and restlessness.
- Jealousy towards others. (generally not, only at times)
- Racing thoughts. (sometimes)
- Failure to plan things ahead.
- Change in appetite (usually increased appetite.)
- Past history of breaking the law. (counterfeiting, reckless driving, DUI, shoplifting, vandalism, drinking in public, and other infractions)
- History of one seizure.

Savant symptoms
- Composing music and playing piano.
- Understanding quantum mechanics and meta-physics.
- Visual-spatial skills.
- Creative thinking.
- Pictorial / auditory imagination.
- Awareness of extra sensory perceptions.
- Ability to learn things to use in reality from dreams.

Some of those things were connected to ADHD/OCD/personality disorders/LDs/schizophrenia/bipolar rather than AS.
Others were things I could neither understand and have never heard about in all my life :lol:


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06 Oct 2013, 10:02 pm

This may be a really dumb question (especially since I got it from The Rain Man), but isn't a savant symptom being really really good at something? Like writing a symphony at 4 years old?


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06 Oct 2013, 11:14 pm

Not quite. A savant skill is what you call it when one skill is way above all your other skills, acquired with very little practice. It is usually found in people with highly unusual brains.

Writing a symphony at four years old would be something a musical prodigy might do; prodigy is a term for someone who shows talent at an unusually young age.

Savant skills are generally things that most people cannot do, or that most people would have to explicitly learn. For the person with the savant skill, it feels natural. It often involves processing a lot of data or memorizing things in great detail.

So a prodigy might write a symphony at four; a musical savant might hear the symphony once and play it on the piano. The savant has an extremely specialized talent; the prodigy is more of a generalist who is learning that skill unusually early. The prodigy probably will grow up to be an adult skilled in his field, but he will be about as skilled as other experts, who likely started later in life. The savant, on the other hand, possesses a very specific skill that very few humans, even experts, possess--probably because his brain is just wired in a way that makes that particular skill very easy for him. But he may not be very good at other skills that seem to be closely related.

Savant syndrome is associated with autism and with intellectual disability. Prodigies tend to be gifted and are often neurotypical otherwise (though their giftedness will always make them a bit different).

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25 Apr 2020, 3:00 pm

My history of developmental delay


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25 Apr 2020, 3:24 pm

I have history of:

* speech delay

( I could not talk until I was 7.

I had speech problems until I was 18 years old)

* delusional interests and repetitive behaviors

( when I was a young child I was psychotic in my own delusional interests. )
(I also repeated things over an over again to the point where I became delusional )

* distress and developmentally delayed social skills

( I had problems with social skills until I turned 19 years old )

* sensory issues

( When I was young I remember that I used to run away from a flushing toilet.

I had abnormal reactions to sounds that may seem loud )

* delayed intellectual skills

( I had delayed potty training, trouble following simple instructions, coordination problems and very low IQ)
( I also had trouble making correct facial expressions to express concern when someone is in distress when I was very young)

* trouble changes in transition from one environment to another

( I have a high risk of developing mental health crisis, if my transition changes )

( I also have symptoms of ADHD that I was diagnosed in my early teens and that I am taking medication for )

* unusually hyperactive
* trouble with focus


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25 Apr 2020, 5:02 pm

My ASD symptoms:-

- Overthinking/overanalyzing situations
- Dislike some change but don't have a rigid routine like some Aspies do
- Sensory issues with certain loud noise and clothing tags, and hypersensitivity to pain
- Difficulties managing negative emotions (used to have rage outbursts until I went on Sertraline, but I still have my moments)
- Had special interests (obsessions) in the past
- Cannot seem to make friends easily with peers no matter how hard I try
- Work anxiety in the past (though not any more because I have a job that's suitable to my needs)
- Prone to anxiety, depression and low self-esteem
- Not into cosmetics like make-up or hairstyles, etc
- Can seem self-obsessed when having bouts of depression (but it's not a general trait of mine, as I normally worry more about others than I do myself)
- Rigid thinking
- Often say irrelevant things or laugh at things others wouldn't find funny
- Often feel sorry for objects
- Have unusual certain words or phrases that "push my buttons" if said to me

My ADHD symptoms:-

- Sensitivity to criticism
- Creative
- "Noisy" and "colourful" mind
- Impulsive behaviour (that is often annoying to others)
- Hyperactive (overly chatty, find it hard to sit still without fiddling with things or fidgeting)
- Easily distracted and easily amused, but also easily startled
- Impulsive urges of oversharing thoughts and feelings, sometimes share "too much information" without thinking first
- Short attention span, even on interests
- Have hard time concentrating on TV or reading books
- Cannot remember numbers at all
- Often disorganised and messy without realising
- Impatient in crowded places
- Crave attention and enjoy being touched
- Excellent autobiographical memory but difficulties remembering other things
- Procrastination or don't get round to doing chores even if I have the time
- Poor time management



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25 Apr 2020, 5:20 pm

I wrote 188 pages about my symptoms for my assessment.

I think I have "all of them".

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12 May 2020, 12:39 am

I have very mild form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder, some form of Intellectual Disability, some form of ADHD and history of having conduct problems, some symptoms of aggression and depression in young childhood and in 2016 I had anxiety that became severe to the point where I developed manic personalities perspective of myself, sometimes scary moods related to Bipolar Disorder ( in remission) with brief moment of grandiose and paranoid delusions with some symptoms of narcissism with history of having violent actions, because my transition changed .

I don't have trouble with social skills at all anymore, even though I do have history of developmental delay and reports that in childhood and early adolescents that I had developmentally delayed milestones and delusional prospective of myself that is part of developmental delay

I have history of:
(From when I was a child and some symptoms still present in adulthood)
* speech delay ( used to have speech delay a long time ago)

* incredibly delusional personality and sensory perspective of myself and trouble changes in bizarre behaviors ( I used to have that problem, but still engage in repetitive behaviors and have some kind of limited interests )

* developmentally delayed chronological age
* developmentally delayed IQ
* late toilet training ( That was a long time ago )
* some coordination problems ( I don’t have coordination problems anymore)
* developmentally delayed social skills ( used to have trouble understanding verbal and none-verbal social cues and had abnormal eye contact when I was a child and a young teenager and used to to have blank facial expressions, used to not cry when I needed something and etc, when I was a toddler)

( when I was a young child )

* disorganised speech
* strange facial expressions
* self-abusive behaviors in frustration ( such as, head banging and hitting myself in the head for sensory needs or when routine changed and when I could not communicate correctly at that time )

(From childhood to adulthood )
* trouble changes in from one transition of the environment to another ( I am more likely to suffer from mental health issues ( such as delusional disorder with manic mood swings )) if my transition changes from one environment to another

( From childhood to adulthood )
( ADHD was discovered when I was a young teenager and taking medication for it )
* unusually hyperactive
* trouble with focus
* spacing out
* drifting out

***descriptions of mental health problems that I suffer from time to time***

I sometimes exhibit milder forms of Schizotypal Personality Disorder symptoms from then and now, ever since I suffered from a mental health crisis in 2016.
I developed Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and some form of Delusional Disorder ( even though I only have diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Catatonia), because I believed that the military was after me, that the aliens exist, etc and some anti-social symptoms similar to Antisocial personality disorder, as is also says in my medical history and etc.
I lied, deceived others, was aggressive, had delusional racial thoughts about others ( people of black color) and also had grandiose delusions as I also believed that I was a robot as well.

I have history of:
* mood swings
* Lying
* Deceiving
* history of stealing ( was never in trouble with the police, my special needs teachers handled my misbehavior)
* abnormal sense of empathy and remorse ( used to have that problem but then I started to have empathy and remorse )
* grandiose and paranoid delusions
* runny away
* Violent actions
* catatonic state

I had some symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, with some symptoms of grandiose and paranoid delusions, some symptoms of milder form of Antisocial Personalty Disorder with some Narcissistic Personality Disorder In 2016.
However, this was because I usually have trouble moving from one transition to another, it's similar to changes in routine and it's a symptom of Autism that develops any form of Mental health disorders if your transition changes to another


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12 May 2020, 12:04 pm

No enumerations here.
If there is, then the majority of it would be contradictory.

But more like ranges -- and no combination of ranges made me more/less autistic -- only made me more/less functioning.

My 'range' of symptoms can go as far as full blown autism (internal and external symptoms and issues) with several possible comorbidity and functionally delayed in any respects.
To flat out 'BAP' with zero comorbity and zero issues with functionality of few years ahead of my current age.

Less with 'fixed status' list more like a 'state/reaction'. :|
It is actually unknown if actually I'm constantly improving, worsening or actually static underneath the fluctuation.

No constant triggers to said fluctuations, or at least not that I know of other than speculations...

The 'average' seems to stride in between wide ranges of 'Aspergers'.
History and symptoms simply pass me off for Aspergers diagnosis (Autism with no history of speech delay and indication of developmental delay sort)

No savantism or extremes of aptitude/exceptionality, at least no one that knows of.

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12 May 2020, 1:22 pm

Edna3362 wrote:
No enumerations here.
If there is, then the majority of it would be contradictory.

But more like ranges -- and no combination of ranges made me more/less autistic -- only made me more/less functioning.

My 'range' of symptoms can go as far as full blown autism (internal and external symptoms and issues) with several possible comorbidity and functionally delayed in any respects.
To flat out 'BAP' with zero comorbity and zero issues with functionality of few years ahead of my current age.

Less with 'fixed status' list more like a 'state/reaction'. :|
It is actually unknown if actually I'm constantly improving, worsening or actually static underneath the fluctuation.

No constant triggers to said fluctuations, or at least not that I know of other than speculations...

The 'average' seems to stride in between wide ranges of 'Aspergers'.
History and symptoms simply pass me off for Aspergers diagnosis (Autism with no history of speech delay and indication of developmental delay sort)

No savantism or extremes of aptitude/exceptionality, at least no one that knows of.

When I once said I have PDD-NOS to a doctor, the doctor explained to me that they now just use diagnosis of Autism or PDD - two diagnosis instead of many subtypes of Autims and this is the same thing for Syndromes of profound forms of Autism, CDD, Rett Syndrome and Asperger's Syndrome are all just simply Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorder


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12 May 2020, 1:32 pm

Asperger's Syndrome is just an outdated term for milder form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder and is now considered to be is part of or related to the Autism Spectrum Disorder, because the symptoms are the same or similar to the Autism Spectrum, the only difference is lack of speech delay, the difference between groups of Pervasive Developmental Disorder was not helpful just because it was not severe as profound Pervasive Developmental Disorder with lack of speech delay, because a person with profound form of Autism Spectrum Disorder can also lack speech delay