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11 Nov 2009, 7:45 pm

I was asked by the associate dean of the Humanities and Science building to go to the Student Special Needs office due to my radical drop in my mathematics placement test. So, today at 8 am, I arrived at the office and requested to see the appropriate person. I was a bit nervous to see the guy, because I don't have anything on record to require help with. I talked with him for awhile and I mentioned I was trying to begin the journey to acquire a diagnosis. He inquired, "ADD?" I replied with "I was actually thinking something else." He said "Asperger's."

It then turned into a conversation about me having Asperger's and how he obviously recognized the traits. He seemed adamant about the fact that I was making "eye contact": the nose/mouth are interesting to look at. :lol: I also was giving off some body language, which I have learned, meant that I was nervous.

He mentioned that he wasn't qualified to make any diagnosis but he is fairly certain/thinks I have it and may have comorbid ADD as well.He said that I should seek a diagnosis and come back in a few weeks to talk with him and keep him informed.

He also signed a referral saying that I could retake my mathematics placement test. I went from basically Algebra I on my first test to College Trigonometry on my retake. :D


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12 Nov 2009, 3:57 am

Good for you :thumright:
Good work!


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12 Nov 2009, 5:06 am

Woot! :thumright: