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21 Nov 2013, 9:16 pm

I often go into one of my fantasy world when I have fairly mindless but unpleasant tasks to perform. When I am treated poorly I still have "success is the best revenge" fantasies. [I can not believe I admitted that] I also fantasize when doing my daily walk, waiting in line, putting out Avon books, cooking, showering,drying my hair,and, i just realized, I spend more time fantasizing than I should. Oh well. If fantasizing this much is wrong, I don't want to be right.


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23 Nov 2013, 2:21 am

I was reading the other accounts of people putting on music and retreating into a fantasy world while running around or pacing back and forth and they were describing me when I was younger. I still do it but it's more subtle.

I would constantly walk around my living room, pacing or running and fantasing about my favorite TV show at the time or my favorite musicial artist and I was always a character within that world but playing myself. I knew it wasn't real but it kept me entertained. My dad still thinks it's funny that I talk to myself constantly. Lol.

I now realize that while being in my own world I would stim at the same time but I've never been tested for any form of autism. I had a teacher in high school who thought I was having a seizure while stimming and daydreaming. My mom got a call from the nurse after the teacher told the nurse because they were concerned about me. I never found out who it was but I suspect it was my sophomore English teacher at the time.

Sorry for the rambling. :oops:

Officially diagnosed with nonverbal learning disability, social anxiety disorder, and dsythymic disorder.