Why is talking on the phone so difficult for us?

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18 Jul 2015, 12:42 pm

johnnydangerous wrote:
For me, I think it has to do with the fact that when speaking face to face I can fidget with papers or do something to "break up" the conversation. In other words I can "take a break" if I have nothing to say etc.

BUT when on the phone...it's like you have to keep talking CONSTANTLY because the only communication is VOICE. If you go even 2 seconds without saying anything, it's already "awkward". I think thats why I hate it so bad!!

This is exactly why it's so difficult. Having to maintain a continuous conversation. I tend to space out in the middle of talking. My mind just goes totally blank and I have nothing to say.

I can go on and on about something (or nothing, lol) if I'm allowed to talk uninterrupted. But as soon as the other person says something, I completely lose my train of thought.

However if I'm mad about something then I never run out of words. They just keep coming and coming in a torrent. I do best on the phone when I have to call some place to complain about something.

But having to keep a conversation going continuously in a back-and-forth manner is definitely not my forte, whether on the phone or in person. I can let the other person talk nonstop, or I can talk nonstop, but it's very difficult to balance it somewhere in the middle.

RainSong wrote:
I process what people say about ten to thirty seconds after they say it, with longer times being linked to the less often I hear someone/their accent. My immediate family is the only ones I don't have that delay with.

Same for me, except not always with family. I can understand people who are from my own community because they have familiar speech patterns, or people who enunciate very clearly and have a neutral accent.

I have trouble understanding my mom on the phone because she tends to mumble, and I guess also because she's from 2 counties away. My dad grew up in the same place I did so I understand him fine on the phone.