Homeopathic Supplements For AS Focus Issues

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28 Jul 2010, 8:36 am

I have high functioning AS but find it very difficult to keep focused/etc when I am not otherwise structured/involved. I tend to be very hesitant to start but will not stop until its done once I get going. I also get distracted very easily.

To this end I an trying to learn/utilize systems to help me as far as daily activity, but in that I believe & use homeopathic supplements for straight health issues I was curious if anyone has had (or knows of people having) success with the same for helping one's ability to keep focused, etc.

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28 Jul 2010, 9:18 am

Regarding the general idea of focus - paying attention - concentration - memory, I've looked at that general question over a period of time and reluctantly have concluded that the strongest evidence appears to fall within the area of using a central nervous system stimulant - alerting agent for temporarily improved focus (not a cure) - meds like coffee, caffeine compounds, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall and so on (none are cures). The strongest evidence does not fall within the realm of homeopathy at all. Technically, in American medicine, homeopathy was a big deal and very common but that was well over 100 years ago (simplified).

There can be limitations associated with using stimulants - alerting agents for some users, for example:

The stimulants - alerting agents do not work for everyone well (~ perfectly) at all.

The stimulants - alerting agents often work only for a short period (as measured in hours - like four hours or so).

If the stimulant - alerting agent is taken at the wrong time of day, it can cause sleep challenges.

The weakest stimulant - alerting agent available is probably coffee - caffeine compounds.

It is no mystery that there is a coffee aisle at a grocery store, a tea aisle, a soft drinks aisle, and an energy drink aisle or that Starbucks is popular with many.

http://www.rsna.org/rsna/media/pr2005/Coffee.cfm (Short-term memory - not a cure)
http://coffeescience.org/alert (Mental alertness - not a cure)


There is an area of neurology which ranges from the many epilepsies (such as petit mal/absence/complex partial/TLE) to ADHD Inattentive and what's between these two areas which is very interesting and not much talked about.

The area involves paying attention, concentration, focus, sustained attention, memory - especially what is known as working memory/short-term memory.

There may be no easy answers for everyone (including those with Asperger's/Autism) who fall within this category.

It can be recognized but effective treatment can be challenging for some.

That's my understanding.

Also, there is growing area of sports concussions and how brain injuries/subtle brain injuries can relate to the many epilepsies, the four ADHDs, Asperger's, Autism, and so on.

http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/p ... sion_a.pdf

In my view, it's possible the whole area of stimulants - alerting agents - can slowly be improved by the pharmaceutical industry (a little more effective, a little less side-effects) but that likely will take decades/time.

Taking a stimulant - alerting agent can be a little like watching a parade from the street level or from the curb. The curb is only a temporary advantage. Stimulants - alerting agents are not cures.