Stammering and other speech impediments

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22 Jul 2007, 10:43 pm

karasu wrote:
SteveK wrote:
You should have been here a few months ago, when people were speaking about proper English. Actually, it is "ebonics". ALSO, it's pitiful attempt to acheive legtimacy ********FAILED********! To call it "ebonics" is LUDICROUS! To call it "eubonics" is even dumber. It was a STUPID attempt to try to make poor low class blacks seem smarter, and legitimize their gutter speak. It is WORSE than a pidgin, since it is used by a presumably "native" speaker. If she doesn't want to "sound out-of-place", have her learn another language. HEY, HERE'S A THOUGHT! Have her learn ENGLISH!

Frankly, If I were her, I would be embarassed! EVEN if I was black, but more so if I wasn't.


Okay, maybe you should start by taking your own advice.



Even if I were black, but more so if I weren't.

If I was… is a colloquial alternative to If I were….

In speech, many English people say If I was…, but If I were… is held to be grammatically correct. It is better, therefore, to stick to If I were…"

Your staggering display of ignorance, self-satisfaction and smug superiority here, while fascinating, points to a basic misunderstanding of the nature of both culture and language. Throughout history, Europeans have made a practice of comparing other languages unfavorably to their own, and have done so in order to highlight their own 'obvious' superiority over others in terms of basic capacity for thought. Thus, by denigrating this variation upon a language about which you know nothing, in order to extol the virtues of another variation which you apparently don't know all that well yourself, you are continuing in the fine tradition of ignorance that has helped make this world what it is today.

Well done.

Here's an article for you to peruse:
Simple, complex, degenerate and primitive languages are figments of the imagination.

Here, here.


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27 Jul 2007, 11:31 am

Often when someone asks me a question, I instantly have a million details to express all at once, but need extra time to figure out how to best communicate them and where to start. I wind up taking a breath, starting a sentence, then stopping and restarting a different sentence in hopes to effectively get my answer across. The person gets a bored and annoyed look after a couple of my tries. I have learned to focus on the KISS method: Keep It Super Simple.