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15 Sep 2006, 1:41 pm

Yes irritability is a forte of mine a quick list of things that annoy:

other peoples mannerisms, especially CHEWING
very smelly cosmetics
people who judge by appearance, status, wealth
unfriendly people
background noise when you're on the phone
superior attitudes (we're all the same)
parents who are overly cautious about the risk of paedophiles
social graces
and number one irritant... small talk


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15 Sep 2006, 3:06 pm

Why the bleep do you want to know? Leave me the bleep alone!! ! :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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15 Sep 2006, 4:17 pm

krex wrote:

More irritating ,however,is my work environment.About 80% of my co-workers are either lazy,self-absorbed or out right stupid.It's the "little" things that really get me upset,because it's been 4 years of repeated behaviors.....No matter how nice I ask and explain why something needs to be done a certain way,nothing feels like torture to me,even if I know I am "over-reacting".Its the repitition and it accumulates ,so each time it feels more annoying.....

1)Staff will use the last of a supply(gloves,etc)and leave the empty box,so when I go to help a client to bed,they have to wait for me to go down stairs and get new supply.

2)staff,getting a client ready to shower,will leave the naked client,while they answer their cell phone
or stop to talk to me or watch the TV on the way to the shower room...or leave the client in the shower
to go make the bed...(I have reported this)They get mad at me when I ask them not to do this!!

3)The client garbage will either be over-flowing or they empty it but dont put in a new garbage bag.

4)They leave loose tuperware in bottom of dishwasher on unsecured where it gets warped or floats down to the heat eliment and melts and fills the house with toxic fumes(has happened twice)The smell frightens the clients because they think the house is on fire.

5)A client(they are DD)will be talking to me and the staff talkes over them(like they are invissible)to
tell me what they did that weekend or some other non-work related topic.

6)They will wheel a client to the breakfast table and just leave them there,while they go make the bed
and the client just sits there with nothing to do and no B-fast...I am ussually takeing care of another client but will ussually end up giving the client their meds and B-fast before the staff wonders back in to help the client(I think they take their time because they know I will do it for them.)

7)They never put supplies where they belong,just throw things in a cabnet without looking where it goes,so I spend half my time "hunting down" the scissors,thermometer ,mixing bowl,band-aids,etc.

8)We work with two diabetics and staff are supposed to write down what they are fed(we count carbs)
but when I reminded staff to do this(because I need to know they got enough carbs when I check their BG at 1am)they complain to manager...I got wriiten a nasty note from my manager that I was accussing,blaming,demeaning staff.(they continue to do this and I am not allowed to say anything.

9)we run out of supplies but nobody tells the I go into do my shift and we are out of a med,wet wipes,food,cleaning supplies,BG testing supplies,garbage bags,sandwhich bags,dish soaps.
This causes me so much stress because it's unpredictable...I never know,but it's always somethings.

10)I take care of 3 of 4 clients in the morning...the 4 client needs to be hand fed,given drink and needs staff to put his movies or music into a "player" for him...but the staff will just ignore him and sit on the couch chattering about their mundane lives, so I end up assisting him as well.I am constantly being amazed by the lack of "empathy" of these NT's.....

Thank you for letting me rant.....I hate my job.

Krex, I used to work for some people with DD also. Everything you said in your post I also have experienced and pulled my hair out over. GRRRR! The people I worked for were nice people, but the people I worked with (staff) sucked.

One thing I can't stand is when people expect me to read their minds! I'm sorry I don't have that ability and don't know how to get it! Someone asks me to do something, I do it, and they get upset with me because I didn't do it a certain way and then say that they thought I knew. If you don't tell me the special way it needs to be done then how am I supposed to know?

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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15 Sep 2006, 4:39 pm

Yes, I am irritable. I feel annoyed at trivial things and at the same time feel annoyed at myself (for feeling annoyed at trivial things) :oops: . I don't tend to say much though, because it's not nice and rather embarassing.

(Feeling annoyed at the big stuff in life, like cruelty or injustice does not count as irritability, IMO, that's only right and proper).

The sort of things which irritate me are:

Background noise - when I'm concentrating on something – like writing a letter – I cannot stand any background noise. If hubby is on the phone, or even typing loudly, I just cannot think and have to go somewhere quieter.

Strong odours – a while ago I was at a ballet and in front of me were a group of old dears who had so much nasty perfume on that I could literally taste it in the air.

Children's arguments - Being a Mum, I've become reasonably hardened to irritating children's behaviour, but one thing that still gets to me is the sort of argument that goes “Muuuuuuum childX called me a !***!” “no I did not” “did too” “did not “did too” Argghhh!!

The list goes on and on......


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15 Sep 2006, 4:47 pm

Yes, I'm very irritable too. Some reasons could be:
*unconfortable and high noises
*when the people touch my things without permission
*when someone suddenly touchs me, hug me or kiss me
*when two or more peple talk with me about different things at the same time, it makes me explode :evil:
*interruptions of any type
*ignorance and all types of injustice :evil:
*and other things . . .

But I can be angry with this things in some moments, but in others I have more patience :wink:


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15 Sep 2006, 6:12 pm

What do you mean irritable? Me? You mean Me? Hell, no. I'm fine ... why do you ask, anyway? What are you getting at? There's got to be a reason for you coming at me like this.

If you have something to say just spit it out! What do you think I did to you. I think someone may be a little tired. You'll probably feel better after a snack and a nap.
I mean if you're this hostile, maybe now's not the best time to discuss whatever is bothering you.
I'll get a little rest, too. We'll try to talk about it again when you feel better.

Me ... irritable? That's just crazy.

Well OK. maybe a little, testy. Why do you ask?


I hope I have never done this to anyone, but I think I might have and probably did in the distant past, like when I was still "medicating" on a daily basis with alcohol.

Nowdays as long as I can play my music, I'm cool. I may not get much done, but I don't bite people's heads off as much as I used to.

It's just music for me. The other stims don't work.


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15 Sep 2006, 8:43 pm

Very, and for stupid little things, which just frustrates and irritates me more:

-background noise like the neighbour's screeching on the phone/TV

-someone tapping their foot on the subway/bus, or other repetitive noise like lip smacking & the such (if it's not noisy, like hand-flapping, it's ok). It throws my mind completely off course.

-my mom humming, for the same reason. Don't NTs like to think throughout their day?

-when my parents tell me to do something (set the table, etc.) which I'm in the process of doing/about to do (really!)


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15 Sep 2006, 11:57 pm

I get irritated easily and then get snappish and bitchy. I try to stay calm and not show it. But i feel like throwing things and screaming leave me alone! I don't actually do it, but i feel like that inside. Then i stuff it all down with the other junk.


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16 Sep 2006, 5:33 am

Kind of nice to see that you are all just like me! :lol: I get irritable even anticipating possible interruptions, when none have even happened yet. I find myself saying 'leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone' over and over either in my head or out loud!

*it's been lovely but I have to scream now*


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16 Sep 2006, 6:23 am

I get extremely irritable if someone tells me to stop one job half way through to do another one.
Like say "switch off that lawn mower, because I want you to clean the windows"
That gets me reeeeeally mad



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16 Sep 2006, 7:01 am

Some things that get my blood boiling (most of it occurs within the family)

1. Being interrupted for something mundane like a computer problem, they act like it's a f*****g crisis!!

2.Selfishness of any kind; inconsideration

3.Unwanted calls like Bill Collectors and telemarketers ( I am thinking about buying a bullhorn or a whistle just for this purpose)

4. When people blame me for things I didn't do.

5.When people blame people period!

6.Arrogance/Condenscion of any kind

7.Someone missplacing my stuff

8. Stupid or ridiculousily slow drivers

9. I work as a courier one thing I cannot stand above anything else is when the dispatchers give me bad information

10. People who like to treat others like s**t

11. People who make snap judgements.

12. People throwing accusations at me.

13. Unjust or unnescarily harsh critiscism of any kind

14. Bullying of any kind

15.having to wait for anything

16.liars/deception of any kind

17. Bush!

18.People who try to impose their will upon me.

19. People who invade my space and have no respect for privacy.


21. (applies directly to this board) People who make rude posts and put down others than try use AS as an excuse! :x In fact using AS as an excuse for anything!

22. fake people

23. Ignorance/bigotry

24. materialisitc/superficial people

25. People(especially psychologists) who try to quantify people's lives. Who the f**k are they to judge and then use sophisticated psycho jargon and medical terms to put people down! :x

26. Children

27. Categoirizing /labeling people (jock, loser, prep, nerd, geek, retard, chav,etc)

28. Sexism from either sex especially women

29. People who make hasty generalizations (and often demeaning) generalizations about people.

30. Corporate greed in fact greed of any kind

I am sure their;s more but I am too tired to think right now

Pileated woodpecker
Pileated woodpecker

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16 Sep 2006, 7:18 am

WTF!? There is an ad on this aspie site that starts playing music when you roll over it with your mouse! I freaked out. I thought my computer had a virus or something. Don't they know we're a little jittery when we wake up at 3:30 in the morning all wired?


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16 Sep 2006, 9:06 am

I just tell telemarketers "there is no one home here, I am only the neighborhood burglar"

17 Sep 2006, 7:28 pm

I used to get irritated all the time when my routine gets distubed and when i get interrupted what I'm doing. If i got interupted and it was only for a few minutes I woudln't mind it but if it was taking a long time, then I get mad. Then when I moved out, it went away but at work I still got irritated sometimes when i had to change my routine in my job and when i found out I threw tantrums over it because my boss told me, I had to work on not getting mad or crying and i keep it all inside. When I had a BF I got irritated with him all the time and then it lead me to depression when i was holding in my anxiety. Then I broke up with him two months ago.