Poll 1 (your feelings on statements about autism)

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Poll ended at 11 Feb 2012, 1:38 pm
Option A 31%  31%  [ 9 ]
Option B 52%  52%  [ 15 ]
Option C 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
Option D 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
Option E 10%  10%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 29


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21 Dec 2011, 10:06 am

I agree with Pensieve....you are not going to fit the whole spectrum in one or two paragraphs in a way that makes sense to the general public.
Sometimes you have to hit the high points and leave out most nitch-picking details. I think we should be grateful that there is some awareness about our condition at all instead of the way things were 50 years ago. I read an article that many times before autism awareness, those on the spectrum where diagnosed with schizophrenia and put in long term mental institutions.
We say that once you met a person with ASD, you only met one person with ASD. We cant all be included in a small article



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