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11 Feb 2019, 1:51 pm

Ganondox wrote:
Transhuman wrote:
My friend, who also has Asperger's, set up an Internet company which sells a game script which he also didn't make. This website has an automatic buying system, and he now uses it to transfer money from hacked bank accounts and credit cards. There is probably a link between antisocial behavior and Asperger's.

No there is not, any connection between AS and ASPD is a myth. I want you to go look a few lists of common Aspie traits, a few lists of common Psycopath traits, compare and contrast them, and tell me that aspies are a bunch of psychopathic serial killers.

The media is causing this. I really don't like how people on the spectrum are portrayed in the television drama, "The Good Doctor". The "Big Bang Theory" is much more closer to the truth.