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05 Oct 2014, 9:39 pm

I didn't get my license until I was 23 and about to get married. Before that, I didn't really have friends to visit or other things to drive for, so what was the point, right?

I have a perfect driving record, though.

I probably wouldn't be a trucker because I wouldn't want to deal with the physical side of it. I've long dreamed of getting one of those tiny houses on a trailer and just driving around the country. I'm a web designer, which gives me the freedom to do that (wifi is everywhere!). I also have a family, which restricts me from doing that. Maybe when the kids are all grown up. :)

The reasons for this are that:
-Despite not liking sudden changes, I do enjoy changes in scenery.
-I could avoid making too many lasting friendships and feeling the pressure to maintain them.
-I could live a very simple life, which has always attracted me. All my stuff in a 160 sq. ft. house on the back of a truck? Not a problem!