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21 May 2012, 7:43 pm

All my life I've had horrible social skills and trouble with coping and I just cut myself off from so many opportunities. I can't afford to get professional help at this stage but I'm in my mid 30s and back studying and making all the same mistakes again to make teachers exasperated with me. I've been wanting a new start but I know if I go out into new workplaces like this, even with a qualification that's in demand, I'm just bound to have a rough time of things.

I need to learn: when to talk (always miss-time entry into conversations), to remember to do small talk, to get control over my anxiety so I don't seem so frantic to everyone and to recognise when men are flirting or being inappropriate so I can stay safe.

With the holidays coming up I've been thinking I could take some time to study my condition - not just read, but really study - make notes, memorise, quiz myself. I think the end result could be keeping a journal to note down the important rules and advice.

Has anyone already been doing this? Any advice on how to really LEARN this stuff once and for all?