Sunday's little preaching by an autistic

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10 Dec 2006, 4:00 am

There has been a German philosopher, very well known, practically the one having had the maximum influence on the last century’s cultural climate and still very present in the intellectual climate today. To pretend to resume in one or two phrases such figure would appear ludicrous. But he made two points to which one can refer. One is that we should be conscious, in all our life, that we are heading for death. Death should not be hidden from our view, but, on the contrary, should be the constant frame for giving weight to our actions. I know this is very difficult for the young, exploding of vitality, like little kitten playing frenetically in a protected environment (might be your drawing room), but the total removal of death from the panorama of our life, at least when the time is come to apply to serious business, work, suffering people staying with us and having to care for them… No point at all to say, as happens all the time, “Oh, no, no, that thing does not exist, we know we are not eternal, but we can behave as if we were”. This is the way to cut all possible bridge between generations, I mean loving, meaningful bridges. It’s the same kind of resistance that thwarts any relationship between “normal” people, or people considering themselves normal and people lacking some invisible but necessary behavioural limb.

The other thing the philosopher said is that while the oak tree lives within its laws, we don’t live according to the laws dictated for us in each of our trillion cells. This has something to do with our total denaturation, was also said by Lao-tze 2300 years before now (an extremely short lapse of time).

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