Asperger in countries with less acceptance?

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14 Oct 2014, 7:11 am

I don't know about asia and africa but as for middle easterners not sure about all of them but my parents don't even believe autism/asperger exists, although there are many who have awarness of it since I hear about it from many of them always


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14 Oct 2014, 8:08 am

Frankly I worked in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for several years. Although those societies can certainly be intolerant on a number of things - personal oddities like what might be displayed by aspies might have more acceptance than in liberal and enlightened western countries. I know that the Saudis I worked with were sometimes bemused by the way I would talk to myself and unknowingly flap my hands if I was anxious or excited - but I don't think they were anywhere near as judgmental about it as many western people. I think my nervousness actually invoked a kindly and sympathetic response more so than I usually found in the western world.

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09 Jul 2015, 2:30 pm

People with Aspergers in these countries simply die, or live in reclusion, or are forced to beg.
I've seen some romantic stuff about mental ilness and abnormality being more accepted in third world countries.
It's not.
There are few jobs. That means that people who are different are simply not hired.
There is no such thing as government welfare, reserved jobs, etc.
Often, there are beliefs that abnormality is caused by demon possession, having no soul, being evil. When people with disorders do something offensive, they are often lynched. This is true mostly in Africa, where disability is considered a curse and a disabled child brings curse to the whole village.
Since they cannot marry, it means indigence, in special for women.

In Asia, even in developed countries like Japan and South Korea, there is simply no tolerance about any kind of difference. Many people believe that Asians are aspie-friendly because they are less outgoing. But you are supposed to have perfect grades, perfect etiquette and behave appropriately in every different social situation. Any deviance may literally send you to jail, as you offend people's sentitivities and is suspect. There is no concept of feeling for others. They are very polite to superiors, but not to everyone. These societies have strong work ethics that render someone who cannot work considered useless and not worthy of living. There is little to no support to the disabled, little to no pensions. And they are considered a shame to their families, mostly being kept hidden at home and treated as pets.

I live in Brazil. Until 2013, ASDs were not even legally considered disabilities. So people in the spectrum had no right to any kind of special education or accomodation, no right to pensions or job quotas, unless they happened to be mentally retarded (intellectually disabled). Since no one hires the disabled (they are considered incapable) unless forced, we had really sad lives. My teachers advised my family to "put me on the track" and "beat me more", as a person like me would never be accepted in the adult world. I would simply starve.
I've worked before, but was fired because my odd behavior, not looking in the eyes, not responding emotionally was totally unacceptable. I was never able to return to work again, as I used to live in a small city with no jobs. Now, three years outside the job market, my only hope is passing into a public job, that is forced to hire anyone that passes the tests, no interwievs, no curriculum, but I have to hide my disability. I have been dismissed before after a psychological test showed that there was something "not right" in my brain. With no welfare net, I simply depend on my family and would starve after they pass away wasn't their properties that I can rent. That's it.