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07 Jan 2013, 11:28 am

Hello everyone. This is my first post. I am sorry for my bad English skill (I am Thai). I spent a lot of effort for this post, but I want to share my story and need some advice.

Three years ago, at age 17, I was diagnosed to be ASD after “a big crime” I made that time. When I knew what is ASD, I only understood that it made me cannot socialize with oher easily but didn’t understand how it made. I have been trying very hard to become normal person. However I recently truly understand what my doctor said and it seems that I finally found my major problems. I feel relief for many days, but after that I found I have a hard time to manage with my problem.
Apart from general characteristic of ASD, I found I feel many facial emotions differently from most people. The most worrying one is that when somebody get serious, angry, annoyed, depress or many other negative emotions, they express their emotion thought their faces. I can understand what negative emotion they are in, but I feel happy with unknown reason. I start to talk with them with my good mood or even joke even if they hardly answer me. I know I should do something to make them feel better or don't mess with them, but I cannot suppress my happiness. When anybody need help I also feel I don't need to help them. I feel like they are ok even if I know they are in trouble. This makes me being backbited that I was selfish, arrogant, black-hearted. Every time my mother gets sad, I feel very pain in my heart that I can only soothe her with only my fake worry. It seem like I have something wrong about emotion perception. Whenever I think about this problem I feel very depressed.

I also thing I am odd aspie. I like the situation I am in a large crowd of people, but they must not be teenagers or anybody who don't know me and won't talk with me.

Do you have the same problem as mine? What do you think I should do with this problem?