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Do you think Asperger's affects music taste?
yes 61%  61%  [ 117 ]
no 39%  39%  [ 75 ]
Total votes : 192


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02 Feb 2015, 10:59 am

I think my autism has influenced my musical tastes here and there. When the Beatles were a working band I was unusually fascinated with them, for a boy, and when they (and especially their older records) became unfashionable, I still felt they were tons better than any other music, and it was many years before I accepted that other musicians could sound just as good as, and sometimes better than, the Fab Four. Most new records sounded lousy to me until I'd heard them a lot. So I was very disconnected from the tastes of my peers, which made it more difficult for me to fit in.

When I started performing in bands myself, the first song I played (in early 1968) was "Ain't She Sweet?" because that was the earliest Beatles recording I knew of, and I felt that I had to somehow "start at the beginning." Some girls in the front row laughed their heads off at us. Even if they'd liked the Beatles, that record was so obscure that they wouldn't have known about it, so they probably thought we were doing a cover version of the 1927 recording. I think all they wanted to hear was psychedelic blues.

I got very into collecting old 78 rpm records soon after that, and was surprised when people said "if only we'd known, you could have had ours, but we trashed them a few years ago." I couldn't get my brain round the concept of a music recording becoming worthless over time, and still can't. I was particularly interested in the oldest records I could find, from the 1890s, for the sheer joy of hearing sounds that had been made in Victorian times.

Later on I hated punk rock and new wave because I was still into "proper" rock, and again it took me years to realise that there were good things among the new stuff.

I still tend to think that most records are rubbish, although I have very broad musical tastes these days. It's unusual if an album has more than one track on it that I really like. I usually get bored well before the end of a music concert.

Key concepts in understanding all this: special interests, aversion to change, perfectionism gone mad, and the disconnect between me and the rest of society. They're Aspie traits, I think.


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02 Feb 2015, 11:47 am

I'm not sure, except i like sad music. also, music that sounds sad to me doesnt sound sad to nts and vise versa.

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02 Feb 2015, 1:05 pm

I don't see any connection. However would you view this as odd?

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19 Aug 2016, 12:54 am

Yes I believe Asperger's can effect your taste in music. Music isn't just music it is also a social factor. Asperger's can affect your social conditioning and overall mindset. There was an experiment done to show that music does have a major social factor.
This article says it

People like a song more when they think other people like it too, a new study suggests. But the interactions between individual and group opinions are so complex that it is impossible to predict whether a good song will be a hit or a flop, according to researchers who asked people to rate the quality of music by unknown bands.

Sociologists Matthew Salganik and colleagues at Columbia University in New York, US, recruited more than 14,000 people to visit a website with 48 songs by relatively unknown bands. People could listen to songs, rate them, and then decide whether to download them.

One group of participants saw only the names of songs and musical groups. Other participants also saw how many times a particular song had been downloaded by others. Both groups broadly agreed about which songs were good and which were bad.

But participants who could see how often a song had been downloaded tended to give higher ratings to songs that had been downloaded often, and were more likely to download those songs themselves. That created a snowball effect, catapulting a few songs to the top of the charts and leaving others languishing.

Different worlds But a track with hit potential does not always become a hit, it seems. The researchers divided the socially influenced group (which could see the download information) into eight different "worlds", so that only the downloading decisions within that world were visible.

They found that the same songs did not always make it to the top of the charts. For example in one world, a Milwaukee pop punk band called 52Metro were stars, reaching number 1 in the download charts. In another world they were losers, ranked 40 out of 48.

"From outside of the industry, it seems like music executives can create stars at will. But we only see the ones that become successful. We don't see all the failures," Salganik says.

Locked in Final chart positions were not entirely random though. For example, all of the songs that were hits in the socially influenced groups were also rated as good by the group with no access to the download information. And the results did not reflect a simple "lock in" effect – i.e. a song that got an early lead did not necessarily maintain that lead. But beyond that, Salganik says, the dynamics are hard to understand.

"This is very exciting research,” says Michael Macy, a sociologist at Cornell University, Ithaca, US. "What they're addressing is a puzzle – why is it so difficult to predict what will be a hit movie or a hit song?"

For hopeful start-up bands, the results mean good news and bad news, Salganik says: "Even if you haven't made it yet, it doesn't necessarily mean it's low quality music – you could just be unlucky. But it also suggests that even if it's high quality music, you might not become successful.

This makes sense to me considering MTV was dictating what was "cool" to listen to for nearly two decades and some people go out of their way to like artist/genres just because cool people they know like them. I also believe music videos are another factor in why people listen to the songs it is because the music video helps enhance it on what they should picture/feel when listening to the song. A lot of artist also have to have some sort of image/lifestyle they give off for their listerners want to vicariously live through hence a lot of songs with lyrics about luxuries and partying.

Growing up I never really cared for music during my elementary school years. I just tuned out most of it or found it to be annoying noises. Music was pretty foreign to me I honestly thought some of the pop songs used in movies actually belonged to them I once made an idiot of myself when a couple of kids were watching a music channel and I claimed they band ripped that song off from a movie. Only until Middle School did I develop some sort of taste in music. Music I listened to mostly during my Middle school years was the openings/soundtracks of cartoons, videogame soundtracks, Weird Al Yonkovic, some stuff I stumbled upon on Newgrounds and Linkin Park (pretty much because Till The End and Numb were practically played everywhere). My high school years didn't evolve much either in taste, just some songs that were used in animes and a couple more games got added to my playlist.

I never listened to the radio and I was to only kid to not have an ipod/mp3 player not even an old cheap CD player either. I put my Aspie brain to use and mesmorized every little detail of the songs I liked. So I just played the songs in my head, pretty handy especially in situations you can't to use your ipod like in class or dead batteries and it saved my parents a ton of money too.

I never followed mainstream/pop culture so I never kept up on music nor did I follow it. If I never got a facebook account and added peers from school I'd probably never know about whats going on or even know what a handful of celebrities look like (I just found out what JayZ looked like a year ago thanks to a facebook post someone shared). I live under a rock, a very big rock. I don't know about most of the bands you guys list and the ones I do know like the classic rock bands I only them because I've been reading/watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

My older sister gave me her old ipod touch two years ago and I'm making it a mission to use every single byte on it. I'm starting to learn more about myself like that I prefer instrumentals. Songs with lyrics are okay as long as it is not mushy romance or about sex/drugs/crime/money, I actually find the lyrics good, it is being sung in another language (easy for me to just think of it as just vocals), I like the voice singing the words, or the instrumentals are so good they make up for it. This most likely explains why when I was younger I did not like most music I heard. I also learned I'm pretty picky. Most mainstream songs don't do it for me. I have better luck going through more obscure artist even then just because the artist was obscure didn't mean I'd like them it just meant I had a 80% chance of finding something I liked more.

I only have about 7 favorite artist currently, I consider them favorite based on the fact that I like more than 3 songs from them as I have several songs from multiple artist but usually only 1 or two from each since I'm pretty picky. In terms of ranks for my top 6 it be

1. Archive

2. Yamajet

3. Nemesis Theory

4. Demon Hunter

5. Becoming The Archetype

Some of these artist are pretty obscure, especially Nemesis Theory and Yamajet. The genres of songs I like belong to Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, Electronica, Techno, Eurobeat, Trance, Synthwave, Downtempo, Psybreak + Drum n Bass, Jazz, Ska, Post-rock, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Jrock, Jpop, Metal, Heavy Metal, Christian Metal, Death Metal, Electronic Metal, Gothic, Funk, Japanese Disco/Funk, Alternative, World and some other genres me, itunes, and windows media player don't know of along with I believe are a combination of genres. I have yet to find a song I like in Western pop music, brostep, mainstream EDM, hip hop, RnB, and rap (not including Trip Hop raps). Unfortunate for me these are the most popular genres for my generation so I really stick out especially as a Black kid. My family is at least glad that I listen to things now that don't sound like they came from a Japanese cartoon :ninja: .


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19 Aug 2016, 11:24 am

I've been told that I like "naff" music.

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19 Aug 2016, 2:14 pm

I mainly listen to pop and rock from any decade. I think some of my music taste might be a little unusual for my age, but I think I also like some stuff that other people my age like.

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20 Aug 2016, 8:40 am

I like future garage, dub techno, hard dub, mathcore and jazz.


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20 Aug 2016, 3:10 pm

I don't really care for mainstream popular music at all. To me, most of it sounds like mediocre singers and mediocre musicians playing mediocre songs that were probably composed in about 2 hours with boring chord progressions and melodies. The stuff I like is video game soundtracks and classical music. I have unusual preferences in other things besides music, so I guess my AS may have something to do with it.


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22 Aug 2016, 12:27 pm

I now like to listen to historical German music from the Early 20th Century. I try not to tell too many people because I know how they're going to respond. I particularly like the stuff from the 30s and 40s. I also like to listen to sleep and meditation music.


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22 Aug 2016, 2:57 pm

I like some music that is less than popular nowadays, but I doubt that Aspergers has much to do with that.

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22 Aug 2016, 6:41 pm

felinesaresuperior wrote:
I'm not sure, except i like sad music.

I do too. I think it sounds beautiful. I also like the vamping and alternating that's in some sad songs too.


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22 Aug 2016, 8:57 pm

The thing I've come to realize is that music is music. It doesn't matter how others feel about it. Don't worry about how others may feel about it as long as it makes you happy.


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23 Aug 2016, 4:30 pm

I listen to metal mostly, then there is psychedelic rock both old stuff like from the 60's or neo-psycedelia(I think is what the newer stuff is categorized as), industrial, trippy electronic music, psychobilly, post punk, have heard hardcore punk I like and probably music in other genres I am not sure the names of.

I dislike a lot of mainstream top 40 type stuff, so to some people that is weird...but I think I have a pretty well rounded, varied taste in music. Though metal is the one I am mostly attached to obviously as far as subculture, but lots of metalheads listen to music outside of metal.


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23 Aug 2016, 5:46 pm

darkphantomx1 wrote:
I enjoy listening to bluegrass screamo much to the dismay of my Grandpa who is a banjo player.

When i'm home I practise my screaming skills so I can join a screamo band. My parents are always like wtf is this kid doing?

"bluegrass screamo"????????????????

Heard of "folk metal".

And have heard of "emo", and of "screamo".

Have even heard of "hipalachian" (bluegrass and hip-hop).

But this is the first time I have ever heard of "bluegrass screamo".

Is that an actual "thing"? Are there bands in that genre?


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11 Sep 2016, 3:36 am

Well, I listen to a lot of Alternative Rock/Metal, and a little bit of Nu-metal, I don't think there's anything weird about that, except maybe the "Nu-Metal" part. :mrgreen:


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11 Jan 2017, 6:21 am

if you don't press stop at the end you'll get all the stuff.
some of it i composed and most of it i did not. what f****n ever.
i did play it all though. ... 12566&q=hi