Depression and anxiety in Aspergers. Why?

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05 Aug 2013, 2:14 pm

LookTwice wrote:
if people organize themselves into groups, and you appear to be the only one who is suddenly standing alone, it seems obvious that you suddenly are excluded. If people say things like "you're weird / boring / ..." to you, it seems obvious they don't approve of you. If those kinds of things happen to you regularly and don't seem to improve, you'll start developing anxiety around it. So your explanation of "not enough social cognition" doesn't really make sense to me.
It seems obvious, but it's not always obvious nor does wanting to be approved of all the time really matter so much. When you are doing things that are self-guided, you know the rules, and you know that you'll be able to do everything properly (and maybe even better) without others, you don't need approval. I use most people for information. I cannot actually perform social bonding, and I'm very aware of that. If they reject me, I can reason why they do that and not be upset because there are others in my life who don't reject me for these things, so that's why I don't fixate on these situations further and try to overwhelm my mind with social nuances I cannot comprehend. Not having anyone who is accepting in your life IS a problem and if you're in that situation, then you should find out where to find somebody who is - even WP can be a substitute.

When it comes to the "no social cognition" argument, I wonder whether it could be interpreted as a lack of insight into the fact that you depend on other people.
I think it's very much this, at least for me. I have to consciously remind myself that I depend on other people. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to get lost in my inner world.

Leading a double life and loving it (but exhausted).

Likely ADHD instead of what I've been diagnosed with before.