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15 Jan 2014, 3:33 pm

I have Asperger's (diagnosed as an adult) as well as temporal lobe epilepsy. It's quite interesting living in my head.

Anyone else have that kind of interesting existence?


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15 Jan 2014, 6:55 pm

Well, I'm only suspected (by myself, my therapist, and likely by my doctor as well) of being on the spectrum, but there's no diagnosis yet.

I used to have weird experiences (which I won't go into right now) from the time I was a kid, but a doctor told me when I was in my 20s it sounded like mild epileptic seizures. More recently another doctor said they thought it was panic attacks, but I have no memory of being stressed when most of the attacks happened.

I've also heard of autistic kids who also have seizures. How common it is for people on the spectrum, tho', I don't know.

AQ 31
Your Aspie score: 100 of 200 / Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 101 of 200
You seem to have both Aspie and neurotypical traits

What would these results mean? Been told here I must be a "half pint".


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16 Jan 2014, 3:34 am

I used to have seizures when I was younger.


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16 Jan 2014, 3:58 am

I'm not diagnosed but perhaps contributing towards my list of self suspicions is sensory seizures. I'm not entirely sure if I experience them or not but in the past (and recently) I have experienced some things I struggle to explain:

+ Randomly tasted perfume in my mouth for extended periods of time (Has happened twice)
+ Randomly hear ringing in my ears (even without having been hearing anything) for about a minute
+ A lot of random body pains
+ Random tingling in my mouth
+ Random dizziness (Haven't had in a long time, I suspect it was probably just a temporary blood sugar thing or something)
+ A 'silent-migraine' visual aura

Most are very infrequent but especially the random body pains I seem to get more than others. I've been complaining about them all my life, and I am constantly wondering if it's all due to something like a lack of exercise, maybe me just pointing it out too often rather than keeping it to myself like everyone else or an actual neurological issue that I have.