gradma says i shoulnt say im like lennie from of miceandmen

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03 Feb 2014, 1:47 am

I read The Giver in high school and I found it all scary and people were fine with how they were living because that was what they grew up with and they never lived like the way we do now so they don't know any different. Everyone was equal and it was an example of communism. I thought Gabe was special needs and was possibly autistic but they would release all the special needs kids and kids who were behind and also released elderlies when they became useless. Jonus finds out how things used to be and he is all of a sudden unhappy how things are in his community. It reminded me of Pleasantville because the world was literally black and white and they seemed to live in a dome because the weather stayed the same and so did the temperature and it reminded me of The Truman Show. but once Jonas left the community it became like the real world because the weather changed and there was color. The book did upset me but I wasn't mad at the author, I think she did good with the book and it was all about the future and what things are like in the community and I don't think it meant she hated elderlies and special needs and they should all be enthusized (sp). It was just the way things were in her book she wanted.

I have read Gathering Blue and I don't even remember what it was about. I had no idea it was a sequel to The Giver. I do remember the girl in it had a pegged leg.

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03 Feb 2014, 2:26 am

You know what was really interesting about the book (League_Girl your post reminded me of it) - when Jonas was given all of the memories of the past, he was given pain, something he had never experienced before. He was in fact given great pain, but because he was also given joy - he purposely decided that life of pain was better for everyone than life with no pain.

I mean if you think about it, he could have just gone along with the flow and maybe thought well, those kids that don't hit their milestones, they'll have too tough a time, they should be released. And release for the elderly is joyous. He could have easily decided the other way, that they should remain as they were.

There was that whole idea that you had to take away all options from people because options create the risk of bad decisions. Well so, no risk = no pain, but also no joy. This is where I think this idea of Autism or whatever the disability Gabe had was - allowing people who are different into the group creates risk and is therefore bad.

I think we as a group do create risk, we ruffle the feathers and rock the boats, we blurt things out and trip over our feet. Haha, why do I like us so much? :D If the people on this forum are representative of Autistic people at large, we're pretty amazing too!