I feel as if I am not present in this world

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29 Mar 2014, 4:39 am

beneficii wrote:
Of those listed, I feel I've been having this:

-Marked slowness of movements
-Bizarre gait
-Repetitive attempts to carry out an action
-Facial grimace
-Fixed expression
-Fixed empty smile
-Fixed gaze
-Mouth and tongue movements
-Head bent forward
-Arms bent at elbows and wrists
-Odd finger and hand postures
-Freezing in postures in the course of an activity
-Jerky speech
-Lack of modulation of tone
-Lack of modulation of volume
-Stereotyped answers to questions
-Sudden bizarre acts

I can relate to many of these things too, most often in a mild degree, but notable to myself. I have come to think, that they may be mild autistic symptoms.
Slowness of movements is often a depressive symptom. I guess, many of them probably are.

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29 Mar 2014, 11:07 pm

I took FMLA off again today. To be awake is like unto a nightmare, so I've been taking Benadryl to keep sleeping today and I will take more to sleep tonight.

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