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04 Dec 2014, 7:18 pm

olympiadis wrote:

How about we just use one common thread where we can post our holiday cheer & wishes, and everyone can come enjoy them all ?

I do like this idea, too, and I suspect that many such thread shall arise.

I think the point of the PMs, though, is to give an unfamiliar member something personal. It's a bit like the difference between seeing a "Merry Christmas!" banner in a store and getting a "Merry Christmas!" card in the mail; the banner is nice and gives many people a warm feeling, but the banner may soon be forgotten, whereas the card tends to really touch its receivers and will stay with the person, both physically and emotionally, for some time.

[Edit: I wonder if someone/a group of people could create a Google Exel sheet with all the names of members who have logged on since, say, August 2014 (or whatever length of absence in which it can still be assumed that the person will likely log onto WP at some time) and have WP members access the sheet and add an "X" next to the member(s) they plan to send Christmas PMs to].

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04 Dec 2014, 7:49 pm

maybe something like "say something nice about the previous poster"? [existing thread]. but AFAIC the more the merrier :)


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04 Dec 2014, 8:02 pm

Sounds like a hoot! I'm in..