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18 Mar 2015, 2:20 pm

I don't know if I've been diagnosed under DSM V yet. But for sure DSM IV is dead and has been since 2013. Under DSM IV, I have been diagnosed as "Asperger's Syndrome" at age 6 or 7 despite the fact I actually meet the criteria for "Childhood Disintegrative Disorder" due to sudden dramatic regression at age 2 1/2 after NT development AND either "PDD(NOS)" or "Autistic Disorder". The reasons I want an Aspergers diagnosis to be removed is to avoid negative drawbacks like being put up for unneccesary disrimination, supervision, or protection. My mom put me under unneccesary transition support and made me act like if I had moderate autsim just to save money. When the guy she called for services came in, she made sure that I acted like someone who has autism but who is not servere but who has moderate functioning autism who is still smart. Mom told me to act like that while "speaking only a few words","have sensory issues", and watch this cartoon below on my laptop while the transition guy was in my house.
She made me act in a similar way when going to Disney World and Universal when using a Disability Pass. In my belief that pass, even though it's like a free fast pass, is a little embarassing on me, considering that I would not have a melt down while waiting in lines. Mom does this stuff to me just to save money.Anyone else had a similar experince? My aunt, who is a caregiver for my profoundly disabled cousin who claims he has low functioning autism (but I think he has CP), says that what my mom is doing to me is good for me. My mom also encouraged me to go to DRC for test extensions and relaxed semester credit requirements. But to what I really see, this has done more harm to me than good. I am falling behind others in credits when I am supposed to be passing other instead. Yes, I do really have some sort of autism disability but thankfully I found out I can control just about all of that. So the REAL reason why i fit well in DRC is because I am being LAZY. And I am better than this.
But thankfully, she never considered putting me under gaurdianship. And I have never been under one.
The only reason why I want to use an Aspergers/Autism is to avoid getting drafted into the military if it ever gets reinstated. So is my Asperger's label dead just because DSM V is here. Or is it not.And could it be removed?
But however, I do not want to lose sight of my challanges either. So considering that and realizing that I actually do not have Aspergers, I self diagnosed myself as "Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Unspecified" (F84.9 in ICD10) under ICD10, which is still alive. But I do not know if it is valid in America.And I do not even want to go past that.
I also have undiagnosed OCD and expirience the hell it gives me. The OCD is a bigger problem to me than the autism. But since OCD is a less vandilizing label than "Autism" or a related label like "Aspergers", I think I could do great with an official diagnosis of OCD suiting me to more freedom and being based more on my REAL abilities while still keeping me from getting drafted like Aspergers/Autism label. I do admit I need very little if not no support in very few areas. From my prespective, it is ALL based on my individual capabilities not the diagnostic label.

Autism (Spectrum Disorder)-Under DSMV
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18 Mar 2015, 5:52 pm

Well don't tell anyone and no-one will know, no?


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18 Mar 2015, 6:59 pm

It carries over with the name change.
Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder from the Center for Disease Control

Note: Individuals with a well-established DSM-IV diagnosis of autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified should be given the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Like said above you are not required to mention it.

Just because you faked Aspergers does not mean you don't have it. If you can afford it, and that is a big if because these things are usually not insured and expensive, see and ASD specialist tell them why you are there are there and detail all the faking.

Rant not at you but your mom and doctors:
When I got diagnosed at 55 the Aspergers label explained most everything and I found a community and identity. And then immediately it was ripped away by the DSM in part because of the perception of widespread overdiagnosis and faking. Not that ASD does not explain me well or I don't feel part of the Autistic community but a catch all label can not be as accurate as a narrower sub category.

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18 Mar 2015, 9:43 pm

Deception (i.e. faking) anything is never the answer to any problem; it is rather illogical at best. That said, if the OCD is the larger problem, then I would definitely mention that instead. Worse yet, if you do not actually have HFA, it may give people the wrong image of people that really do live with it and hurt them. I hope that you find answers and that this helps... Peace.