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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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18 Jul 2016, 1:17 pm

I've been diagnosed with Autism since my early age at 9-10.
Since in my country i don't think it's well developed enough to diagnostise people deeper than the "autism" spectrum i suspect my disorder is within the range of Asperger.
My problems were always to make friends or socialize with people, i feel after i stopped school it just made my symptoms more noticeable. I barely talk to anyone, and the sad thing is i don't feel the need to talk with anyone.
My interests always had been too specific, i was interested in animals, architects, history and so, but i didn't have the right mod to apply to University degree.
I feel my presence is just a problem, i'm still living with my family and they don't seem interested in my problem, nor even trying to understand my situation or feelings. In their views i'm just a lazy, antisocial person who should go out and make friends and get a job.
Since last month i've decided to leave home, and i'm not sure where i'm gonna live since i don't have much money to rent any place for months and my destination was moving to abroad and possibly travel to see things around me, while i enjoy being alone. Only thing which would bother me is the things i got used to like food source and internet.
I know i don't have much more to improve as i'm already over 18, my mind won't change suddenly i don't know where i ever go, i decided to not give a damn about anything, but just leave my past and start a new life.


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18 Jul 2016, 1:43 pm

I recommend you save enough money to travel. You don't want to end up being homeless. It's a guarantee you'll be victimized by somebody--whether you're male or female, but especially if you're female.

Please don't make the foolish decision to leave your family just yet. Especially if they are not being physically abusive to you.

I am someone who wishes he could travel the world, so I understand your feelings.

You should also try to get a job. Aspies can get jobs, just like "regular" people can get jobs.