Heritability of autistic mother to child

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04 Oct 2016, 10:10 am

I suppose adoption is what I'll have to do. But I'll have to adopt a child from a tiny baby, because I want to choose the name.

I will not risk passing my shitty AS on to another human. If I am miserable with AS, then I will not be able to accept my child having AS. I'll still love my child whatever he or she has or hasn't got, but I don't think I will ever accept that my child is always going to be different.

I hate AS. I hate it. AS is the reason why I have never been away on vacation with a group of friends in my life.
AS is the reason I have to take Sertraline to stop the rage outbursts that occured every so often because I was angry about having AS.
AS is the reason I was a problem child for my mum.
AS is the reason I am stuck in a dead-end job and unhappy there.
AS is the reason why I find being outspoken so, so hard.
AS is the reason I spent most of my teenage years alone in my room, crying for a friend.
AS is the reason I get stared at every time I go out in public, even though I am fully self-aware of how to dress, look, act and hold myself.

I f*****g hate AS! Why would anybody want to pass that f*****g s**t on to their baby?

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04 Oct 2016, 11:12 am

QuirkyCookie wrote:
Both my father and I have Aspergers (he is unaware, but I am aware of his AS stuff, and my own as well). I grew up in a time when diagnosis was not available for anybody (we were just the "shy, oddball, weird kids" in the 1980s). My dad did not have a diagnosis (and still does not, he is 70 years old). But, he still was able to raise me just fine and I have turned fine :)

My mother is NT, and she has raised me just fine too, so, there have been no issues with that.

My spouse is NT and we do not have children at the minute but we are trying for kids. If we ever have children and they are born with anything (AS or whatever), I will welcome them like any other child and love them and treat them just the same, and teach them stuff like my parents did with me.

My grandparents are both NT and they had a child with disability (my aunt has an intellectual difference). So, there you go. There is no saying that NT parents have only NT kids, or that AS parents have only AS kids.

It happens, and it is OK. All you need is understanding of what the issue is, how to live with it in a practical sense (if you need special help devices etc) and then just go on with life :)


My dad acts pretty similar to me. I think he has some sort of autism, not enough to be on the spectrum, but probably the bap.

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