Obsessive Desire to Control my Thoughts

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25 Feb 2017, 6:15 am

Sorry about the weird as title. Basically I have an odd and compulsive desire to control my thoughts. I want to be good at certain things and bad at others. I was diagnosed with SEVERE OCD early in my life (Second grade or so). it runs in my entire family. Autistic spectrum disorders weren't diagnosed in my parents but it seems to run solidly down a genetic line as well, and hasn't appeared in my younger sibling but has seemed to have manifested in my older one (who is unemployed and though he is very talented at certain things and he's a VERY nice guy with a good personality, cannot land a job and works for a friend). I want to know if any of you are constantly trying to control and suppress your thoughts, and I would like to know if you have very peculiar and specific obsessions INSIDE your head. I am naturally an extremely obsessive person, and I find myself fascinated with specific things in my own life, but I'm like this INSIDE my head as well. What are your thoughts?