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02 Jun 2007, 7:50 am

Ticker wrote:
SteveK wrote:
The 1:150 is apparently a FABRICATION! Some say that is 1:150 males(At a 4:1 male to female ratio, that would be 1:375! At a 2:1 male/female ratio, it would be 1:225!), and others say 1:150 PDD(which includes AS and NOS)! Either way, it is misleading at best.


Recently an autism expert told me in AZ we were formally 1:250 and has risen to 1:150 and they are only counting males. The whole thing is skewed and screwy anyway. At any given autism group meeting we are average 40% / 60% or 50/50% females to males. The guys just are brattier and get all the attention. I was told they are also counting PDD, NOS and ADHD in the new 1:150 figure.

Hey, I heard FEMALES were brattier! Of course, on here, I have spoken with males and females and some are OBVIOUSLY on the spectrum. It sounds like they could almost walk into a room and people could say OH YEAH, THEY'RE AUTISTIC!, and THEY didn't seem bratty.

krex wrote:
In the 1/150 or 1/165 number that they are quoting....what is the actual percentage with low functioning autism(as they portray it)?I believe they want the people who donate money to think everyone in those statistics are living in institutions and banging their heads,etc.I would like to see an actual statistical breakdown in the percentage of LFA/HFA/AS/PDD-NOS...anyone?

The quoted number doesn't even REALLY show who has autism! If I went to be diagnosed, just for curiousity, or appease the elitists here, *I* would be counted even though I have NEVER required any unusual support from ANYONE! HECK, I was a LATCHKEY KID! That would happen EVEN if I was PDD-NOS

sedaka wrote:
to play the devils advocate.......... i think they're aiming for LFA... not that that justifies anything

THAT is what everyone thinks and I think, on the face of it, might be admirable(if not for the fact that they help NOTHING!). But it clearly isn't

It is like the idiot that reported 33% of people in the US had diabetes mellitus! The REAL statistic quote was that about 10% of people in the US had diabetes and 33% of them didn't know it!! ! BIG DIFFERENCE!! !! !!