Family members who are 'nearly' autistic etc.

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19 Dec 2017, 6:32 pm


My brain is unusual. I like to say to myself.
I have some Aspergian qualities or even traits, I say to myself.
One of my family members is Autistic.

How do actual AS and Autistic people view their family members who may or may not have certain qualities of spectrum 'disorders'? What is your experience?

I thought this would be a good seasonal topic, as people think about family more at this time of year.
Obviously this topic may be a slight variant on the existing topics of this subject. This is about how you view people in your family. I hope this is a slightly different perspective.

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20 Dec 2017, 1:01 pm

I believe both of my nephews might be in the "nearly autistic" category.

Both certainly have Aspergian traits. One of them is into computers to an almost obsessive extent; the other only wants to talk about his "special interests" all the time.

Both are undiagnosed, and both did at least fairly well in school as far both "friends" and "academics' are concerned.

This is where the concept of the "Broad Autism Phenotype" applies.