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28 May 2018, 10:21 am

Be prepared for the LOOOOOONNNNNG haul.

My husband just got approved. It's been six years.

His first try was with the Aspergers diagnosis. That got punted from the first submission and two court appeals. This was coupled with his OCD and depression. Nope. Nope. Nope. The judge's take is people with Autism, depression and OCD can work. It's maddening.

It depends on your state and actually where you live on how long all this takes. My state has a two year back log.

The lawyers had him apply after a certain amount of time, but this time the diagnosis was his chronic medical condition that became worse. The autism/depression/OCD was not even listed as a reason because 1) the judge had already ruled those weren't a reason not being able to work. 2) None of those conditions became even more worse.

He was awarded SSDI based on his age (over 50) and his condition has decimated his life. No sane employer, on the open job market would hire him. My husband would miss too much work between his illness and doctor's appointments.

Get an attorney to help you. The laws have changed so much, and you need someone to help gather up all your information. People under 50 have a hell of time getting SSDI where I live.

Also make sure all your doctors are on board with you applying. My husband's first psychiatrist wrote a letter stating he had no clue why my husband was applying. The judge/SSA puts a lot of stock in the medical records.

ETA: Just because you get in home care, doesn't mean the judge will view you "more disabled". Plenty of people have folks who need help getting going in the morning, but are still able to work a job. My brother was a manager at a big box store. Almost all the deli/bakery help were special needs adults who had some sort of drop in home health care.

I'd list it, but don't bank on it swaying the judge in your favor.