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15 Jan 2019, 1:35 pm

I seem to think that I might be self imposing pressure that at 29, I should get out the house, be a bit more independent from parents and move into a flat or something while at the same time another part of me is telling myself to stop pressuring myself to do these things when I don't feel ready for them and that its better to stay where I am rather than get a flat on my own when I'm not in a relationship and I don't know when I will, I feel like I'm not meeting expectations that society expects of you at 29, and by not doing it, it seems abnormal. like the things I mentioned. I remember this story where a 30 year old was told to get out by his parents and he took them to court for it but the court said that he had to get out. I get told to think about these things when you're ready but I feel like I have to think about now rather than later because. I feel can't relax these thoughts and it frustrates me and maybe anxious about it because out of my comfort zone and grown up with parents but I don't let my parents do everything for me whilst living with them, I go out without them, clean, tidy up, make food, pay them to live there, make my own appointments and so on. I just can't quite understand what this problem is.


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18 Jan 2019, 10:51 pm

Multi-generational families are rare now, so moving out is seen as part of growing up, like graduating and driving, etc. You might try saying "I rent with [or from] my parents" rather than "I live with my parents" to help improve your image. Sometimes, parents get stuck and don't encourage fledgling, while others are keen to be a couple again, making the child unwelcome. If your parents also like having you there in a healthy way, there's considerable savings to be had. You may never want to start a family, but want to care for your folks when they are elderly.