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17 Mar 2021, 5:32 am

My brain is stuck on this

well burnotu was caused by me moving. ITs likely the re-burnout was caused by trying to stop relapsing to self-harm. Which was caused by something personal.

It sounds to me that you could benefit from something old, familiar. Moving is god awful. Change sucks. Do you have past things that do not involve self harm that are a form of comfort to you? I'm not talking activities, more like objects. A favorite blanket, pictures/posters, candle scents, anything to engage senses in a mild yet comforting way. If you do, I'd start with those. Maybe slowly think of some comfort objects and build up a little safety net of them? From there try (if you haven't already) opening some curtains (I'm assuming you have windows in your room) and if it isn't cold where you are, maybe open them and let some fresh air in. You have internet access, perhaps some mindless game like solitaire or whatever could prove to be something to do that isn't stressful but just something to do to break up the day and insert some structure. I don't know about you, but I hit a point where I need some kind of something like structure. Maybe play one kind of mindless game in the morning, and find a different one for the evening. I'm not saying do them all day, but maybe do them at some point. If that helps, you can get a little more complex later, add something else or switch up the activity. The point is to just start trying to do something with something that resembles consistency to establish a pattern/routine. The easier to accomplish, the better.

TLDR, grab some tried and true objects that have given you comfort in the past, let some sunshine in, try to create a routine/break up the day with ridiculously easy to accomplish things.


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17 Mar 2021, 6:23 pm

XSara wrote:
it sounds like major depression, not burnout. you should see a doctor to figure out what you have

What, no?? Ive never heard of major depression mkaing your balance way worse and yor motor skilsl way wores to the point you cant walk. [/color]

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18 Mar 2021, 10:31 pm

I've been going through something similar lately. A lot has happened to me in the past few weeks and it's difficult to explain. But what I have found is exercise and having a regular sleep routine is very important. Exercise helps me become alert in the morning and aids with my coordination difficulties. I have also tried mindfulness exercises for the first time and these are working well, but they have also caused distress as I am coming to new realizations about myself.


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18 Mar 2021, 11:21 pm

Extreme burnout...

I imagine it to be a frustratingly painful and exhausting existence than demotivating and pointless. 8O

But I can see why it's reason to not get out of bed -- it's almost as bad as having flu, but without actually getting sick.

At least based on my own experience anyway, manifests in a form of shutdowns -- including layers of sensory defences and various sorts of coping mechanisms and even basic skills little to do with motivation and energy loss.
Depression alone does not do that, but the head may as well translate to that.

Anyway. Rest isn't useful at all.
While at it, if I can recall -- I would recommend protecting yourself from any stressors, sensory or otherwise. Even from the bedroom.

If one could, stim it away. It's another way to cope it.

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