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Do you have any allergies?
No 23%  23%  [ 10 ]
Yes 77%  77%  [ 33 ]
Total votes : 43


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26 Jul 2007, 4:03 am

Erich wrote:
zee wrote:
I wonder if constant stress leads to depletion of the immune system, and I believe allergies are an immune disorder.
Many Aspies are constantly stressed out by their surroundings, so it is a possibility. :!:

I don't think allergies are more of an Aspie thing. Almost everyone I know has allergies of some sort.

As for the immune system and allergies?

I think it would actually be opposite if your stress theory is true. That's because the reason for allergies is NOT because of an immune depletion, I believe it is the opposite. Your body is actually over reacting to a substance introduced to your body.

So if the stress that aspies have was depleting the immune system, they would likely have LESS allergies because their body wouldn't be able to even try and fight off what was introduced to it.

Those are good points, it made me stop and think a while. But while it's true the immune system produces more antibodies in response to allergens, what causes the reaction in the first place? I don't believe science has yet found an answer for this question. Therefore, it is possible that chronic stress or another Aspie trait could be the trigger.

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28 Jul 2007, 9:48 am

foods: blueberries, almonds, chocolate, coffee, casein, milk
other: dander, various pollens

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28 Jul 2007, 1:22 pm

It may not be an Aspie thing, but it certainly is a Tourette's feature. My best friend has TS and one of the first things the doctor asked after seeing his MMPI results was, aside from, "Wow, you eat just like a TS man.." was "Have any unusual allergies?" For example, he's deathly allergic to mangos.

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