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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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22 Jan 2022, 5:47 pm

This really scared me does anybody know why we get ''overloaded'' or ''stressed'' after a while? for example my father had a physical therapist over then the nurse, had to live around both and then go to eat my dinner had to wait for my aunt in the kitchen was way to busy, I got so irritable or stressed I burnt my hands spilling a little of my fathers soup, are we meant to keep to ourselves? I also often feel ''disconnected''


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22 Jan 2022, 6:13 pm

yes, it can build! Do you have a safe place you can go to comfort yourself when you feel stress, or do you have other comfort rituals that could help? New routines, new people, new conditions of living can all be difficult to adjust to. Is there somebody you can ask for help or directions about what is expected of you right now? Sometimes it is helpful to ask for explanations. Sending best wishes, anything new, especially over something like a sick family member or other distressing events can be super hard. Do your best self care right now, make sure you rest and I am sending best wishes for everybody in your household to get through this difficult time. Best wishes.


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22 Jan 2022, 6:28 pm

Noise, things going wrong, will do this to me. It's crazy how quick stress can hit you in a bad situation. But also can slowly creep up on you in increments. But I can be calm, in situations others find annoying.

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22 Jan 2022, 6:46 pm

Stress does gradually build up and can cause big issues especially when one can't remove onesself from the stressful atmosphere to get some relief.
I am slowly picking up now my youngest brother and his wife are spending a couple of months in Korea visiting her parents and the reason why I was soo stressed is because they are young go getters and keep taking over things as they really need a house of their own.
When my Mum is stressed I get stressed and it is no ones fault as they are people who need friends always around them. My Mum are the opposite where we need no one to visit for a while so we can relax and unwind.

Now I really love both my brothers and my youngest brothers wife and my nieces and nephews. It just became too much to cope.

And yes this stress is a very gradual build up over a fair few years and covid stress just adds to it and makes it worse.

The best solution is if one is wealthy enough to try to take lengthy breaks away like the Victorians used to do here in the UK when anyone overstressed or if they were getting over an illness that had hit them, they would send them to live for a month or three by the sea somewhere so they can relax and have a change of enviroment, and it works. It gives one the mental and the physical recharge one needs as well as lifts ones spirits and restores joy.


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22 Jan 2022, 6:53 pm

I know for myself that I handle change poorly (and hate surprises or routine changes because of it), I have sensory issues, handle stress poorly, and suck at that whole feeling thing in general. I bounce back slowly and if one thing sets my morning off, my whole day is likely to be off because of it. I require a lot of alone time/down time so that I can decompress and be alright (or as alright as I ever am :lol: )