Meltdowns and harassment: housing complexes

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19 Mar 2022, 3:05 pm

It's happening again...

TW: harassment because of autism, maybe this belong in the Haven???

I had one bad public meltdown here awhile back at my current complex...

In the past because of meltdowns I've had relatives I've lived with kick me out... Or in public housing complexes the residents harass me and making it clear they don't want me there...

Now here, I'm getting severe harassment from some of the residents, going as far as them saying that they're afraid I'll have a meltdown and hurt people, or I need to realize nobody likes me here because I have meltdowns/I'm autistic, etc...

I feel like I just want to get a place out in the country away from people, and according to the apartment complex I can't stop them from saying these things. But of course I don't have enough money to do this, etc...

I might have to bring it up with my caseworkers or something, but I really, really don't know what to do, I feel like I can't live anywhere I can afford without harassment.

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